Workout ethics that are bad for your fitness


Everyone loves to work out to remain fit and healthy always but sometimes in order to get fast results with high enthusiasm we tend to start following bad workout practices which can be quite harmful for our heath in long term.

So here we have come up with some habits which people generally fall after but should avoid them to make you aware about them so that you won’t make mistakes and live a healthy life by following right workout ethics.

  1. High intensity workout

Now days high intensity workout has become quite popular among instructors and gym students but over doing these workout routines can become a problem for you if you don’t take breaks in between your workout and go for fast results.

Start with something simple and they go up in intensity gradually. Always do some warm up exercises with low impact like resistance band workout, skipping ropes etc. before you start your high intensity work to increase blood circulation in the body. Pay attention to your body muscles if they start to hurt then take break and drink some water along with some healthy snacks like grilled veggies bowl, oatmeal bowl, whole wheat pasta etc. and go slowly to get good benefits in long term.

Moreover, make sure that your workout sessions don’t get disturbed. Having that said, use earbuds to listen some music as it will help you to concentrate on your workout. Use Redux noise cancelling earbuds that will stop the loud external noise coming to your ears. The ReduxBuds are the Ai Powered earbuds that come with an Active noise cancellation feature, filtering out the loud noises and allowing you to enjoy your music while working out. Check these out as they are definitely worth of a try.

  1. Over working on fitness gear

Fitness gear is great to workout in indoor environment for getting results but overusing any piece of equipment can result in injuries.

Like when you take spin bike classes for cardio workout and include different exercises with it like one foot spinning and push ups reps along with excess resistance on spin bike then you can hurt yourself and your back will start having pain issues. It can also result in knee and shoulder injuries so don’t overdo it and stop when you feel uncomfortable.

Also when you use other fitness gears like pull up bar, rowing machines, best vibration machines, bike trainers etc. be careful with them and use them with precautions at appropriate intensity levels with right resistance to get best benefits for your fit body without any problems and pain issues.

  1. Advanced yoga for novice

Yoga is a practice to relax your mind and body and it works great for many people if done in right way. When people tend to start doing yoga they go to advanced poses fast and stretch out too much which can result in internal injuries and muscles tearing ultimately harming yourselves.

So if you are starting out yoga then take it slow with low impact poses and once your body start becoming more flexible then you can try more impactful poses for better benefits.

  1. Barefoot running

Some people say that running barefoot is good for your feet and it helps in foot muscle development but if done for long time it can lead to some serious injuries in your foot. Due to barefoot running you can experience a number of problems like muscle soreness in calves, stress in joints, shin splints etc. which is not good at all in long term.

So instead of running barefoot it is advised that you tweak your running style with shoes and try to land on full feet while running to make a good impact on muscles of full foot instead of just landing on heels for lower impact.

  1. Buying bad as seen on TV products

When we see ads on TV or internet of fitness products we get fascinated with the result shown and how great the product works in commercial to get your body hourglass shape in no time but keep in mind that all that glitters is not gold so maybe the results are manipulated for getting more sales by company.

While buying anything first read some reviews about them on internet like elliptical machine reviews, spin bike reviews etc. and make sure it is the right machine for your fitness goals as something which is good for others might not be the one for your fitness routine and if you buy it you can get hurt. Also make sure that you assemble the machine perfectly with tight screws before your start working on it to prevent any potential injuries, joint pains, minor accidents and muscles tearing due to poor assembly.

Hope you like the information shared above about how not to follow bad workout ethics and do the right exercises at right time with right gear to get best results for your body fitness and health in long term. Don’t forget to share this with your buddies to help them stay away from bad workout practices and only follow good fitness ethics for better tomorrow.