Working with Crystal Skulls and the Benefits They Offer


Crystal skulls are growing in popularity. If you are the owner of a carved crystal skull, you may think they are amazing to look at. While there’s no question these are an interesting piece of décor, they are also much more.

By learning about crystal skulls, you can unlock their full potential. Keep reading to learn amazing ways to use crystal skulls and the benefits they offer.

Working with Crystal Skulls and the Benefits They Offer.  Photo from

The Basics of Crystal Skulls

There are no set rules on how to use a crystal skull. It’s actually up to you how and why you use it, but you can learn what they offer by finding out how others use theirs.

Stone workers create the modern crystal skulls you can find available for sale today. These look very similar to the typical, human skull. In fact, the shape in size is often remarkably precise, but there are more stylized representations of the human skull too, showing off unique features.

The options you most commonly see for sale today are designed from one piece of stone or crystal. To create the amazing work of art, artisans use things like diamond-tipped saws, which are expensive and difficult to master.

Why Crystal Skulls Have Grown in Popularity?

You may wonder who would want to have a crystal skull. Most people have one of the following two reactions: they are drawn to them or don’t like them (not even a little).

Those who aren’t fond of crystal skulls, often dislike them because they believe they are associated with black magic or to another type of nefarious practice (i.e. the occult). This simply isn’t the case.

Even skulls made with darker crystals are helpful and they embody the energy offered by psychic protection. Also, the dark crystals have great qualities to take excess energy through the most basic chakra.

Why Skulls?

The shape of the crystal skull was brought to the world’s attention when the discovery of ancient skulls began, particularly, the skull of Mitchell Hedges. The most common and popular skulls available is the Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls. These are often seen in museums and other exhibits across the globe.

Crystal Skulls: What Options Can You Choose from?

For centuries, the most popular material used for the creation of crystal skulls was quartz. Another popular stone used for the older crystal skulls was milky or cloudy quartz. Some of the other stone materials that you will find available today include citrine crystals, golden healer quartz, smoky quartz crystal, amethyst crystals, and rose quartz.

The Benefits of Crystal Skulls

Meditation and quartz go together. In fact, many people who meditate regularly find that having quartz stones of all shapes and sizes is beneficial. While there are varied reasons for this, it’s a well-known truth and one that can’t be ignored.

What this means is that having a skull made of quartz may help you make a connection to your inner self and the Spirit that’s using the energy of the skull advancing its aim.

Having a skull made of quartz may help you make a connection to your inner self

Crystal Skulls: An Old Tradition and Modern Product

When it comes to crystal skulls, you’ll find there’s a huge array of options to choose from. Make sure to consider the stone, shape, size and other crucial factors that are going to impact the look and appeal of any crystal skull.

If you are planning to purchase a crystal skull, it’s a good idea to consider everything here carefully to find the right option for your needs and goals. Remember to also find a quality seller, as this is going to provide the best quality products for your money.