7 Reasons Wooden Flooring Stands Out Among Other Types Of Floor Finishes


If you take a close look at the benefits or value of hardwood floor, you will wonder why many or every single property owner doesn’t have one in their homes. Wood floorings have several advantages that other types don’t have. But then, they are more costly than linoleum, carpet or others. They are also quoted by https://lifestyleflooringuk.co.uk/laminate-flooring/egger-laminate as one of the best flooring options that can change the value and look of a property. So how does wood flooring stands out? What makes it an ideal choice? Read to know the benefits of hardwood flooring over other floor finishes.

  1. Durability

Hardwood floors are a solid option when it comes to strength. They can last for decades and still maintain their looks for a considerable number of years with little maintenance. Even when they are due for replacement, wooden floors will still look attractive to the eyes.

Compared to carpets, wooden floors are a good deal. Hardwood floors can withstand everyday wear and tear that humans, animals and household furniture place on them. But this will be hard for your carpet to take. And you may most likely end up changing your carpets every five years or less because they cannot withstand the pressure mounted on them by members of your household.

  1. Ease of cleaning

No individual enjoys stress. Stress can even lead to frustration and reduce performance or affect one’s health. If you have children and pets that are a bit rough or likes to roam about in the house not minding whether their legs are dirty, then you may have already experienced how challenging keeping your floor neat can be.

Now, when you compare the wooden floor to carpet, you will see that the former is much easier to clean and keep stain-free. When kids or your pet steps on their floor with their dirty legs, all you have to do is to clean the spot with a damp mop and the stain would be off. But you have to do more work to remove the stain from other floor types.

  1. Hygiene

It is necessary to install items that will promote good hygiene in the home. The health of your kids and pets matters a great deal. And if you want to keep them in top shape,  you need to choose the right flooring for your home.

The hard wooden floors, regarding hygiene, are preferable because when installing, they won’t harbor insects. They are well fitted on the ground to ensure there is no space for dirt or tiny insects to dwell.

But carpets do not have this advantage. Even when you place them on the floor, there is still a high possibility that mites and other parasites that can even trouble your pets and kids can hide underneath them. And this can lead to discomfort and cause you to spend more money. You may want to change the carpet after spending enough money to install it on your property. But the wooden floor once installed will remain there for a significant number of years. The treatment used on these types of floors also makes it difficult for termites live in them. So if you want to maintain good hygiene in your home, the wooden floor is an ideal option.

Another thing that makes the wooden floor a wise choice to have in a home is its aroma. It will make the house more inviting. But the carpet would do otherwise. It traps unpleasant odor from spilled things and animals which can give a home an unpleasant smell. Remember wooden floors are much easier to clean than carpet. Even when you want to clean water, you have to remove the entire carpet in most cases because water will be underneath the carpet. And if left for a long time, the water can create an unpleasant odor in your house too.

  1. Easy to fix

Wear and tear on floor finishes is an action that no one can control. It occurs naturally. These actions cause floorings to either become damaged entirely or partially. It can also make floor finishes to change their appearances. But the point is the wooden floor does not suffer such damages easily. Even it is eventually scratched after many years; all you need to restore it to shape is just sand and seal. And this is less expensive and easy to carry out. But that’s not the case with carpet. It would be more costly to refit a new carpet in your home.

  1. Better acoustics

Hardwood floors never products hollow sounds or vibration. They fit perfect and can remain silent for many years once installed properly.

  1. The value of your property

The wooden floor does not only increase the beauty of a home. It also increases its worth. A time will come when you will eventually consider selling your property. That’s when everything in the house, including the flooring, will undergo reevaluation. The wooden floor, according to estate agents adds more value to a home. In short, many agents have agreed that houses with wooden floor sell twice as much as those with other types of floor finishes.

  1. Unmatched warmth and feel

The tile and stone flooring is also easy to maintain. Regarding hygiene, they are also as sanitary as the wooden floor finishes. But when you talk about warmth and feel, timber floors stand out. The only drawback is that it is a bit pricey but worth the investment considering the benefits it offers.


The point here is that hardwood floors offer great benefits than many floor types. A hardwood floor can last for many years when installed correctly. They also vary regarding price and quality, but there is a wooden floor for every budget. The benefits of hardwood floors outweigh the high costs. Take a lot at the points listed above you will discover that they are an ideal option for every home. So if you are thinking of flooring types to install in your property, this post should be an eye-opener for you.