Why You Should Consider Keyless Entry Door Locks


Over the years, keyless entry door locks have become a popular security option among homeowners. They’re convenient to use and cost-effective in the long-term. These locks were initially designed for use in vehicles with remote entry systems but are now modified for use in houses. There are numerous reasons to consider when choosing a keyless door lock for your home security.

Here are some of the most important:

Saves Time and Money

Keyless access locks have allowed us to preserve the time and cash that would have been spent to make keys and install new locks that eventually might end up being useless each time the keys are lost. For instance, if a person loses their keys, they will have to contact a locksmith who will replace the old lock with another and give the client a bunch of new keys.

This cycle can be costly, particularly if the locks are top of the line. In any case, restoring your door access can be very simple if the entryway is keyless since there is typically no compelling reason to replace the entire system. These keyless systems come with a master password provided by the manufacturer in case you forgot the passcode. Keyless entry locks save you time and money that could have been spent in buying and fitting another lock.

Advanced Security

Locks are as good as the degree of security they provide. That remains constant even for cutting edge electronic locks as much as it is for conventional mechanical models. Keyless locks are ordinarily compatible with an assortment of locking devices, including deadbolts, cylindrical latches, dead latches, exit devices, and mortises. It’s critical to talk to a locksmith to guarantee you’re getting the correct level of security and functionalities for your needs.

You should check the keyless entry lock features. For instance, the ANSI/BHMA security standards for auxiliary locks measure security and durability from the highest grade to the lowest. Most keyless entry locks come with a selection of additional security features, including:

  • Flexible code length
  • Anti-tamper lockout to prevent entry after a specific number of failed attempts
  • Immediate lockout in the event of a security breach
  • The option of deleting user codes using a master code
  • Various access modes, including PIN or by card access

Even though keyless entry locks are designed to make life simpler, their popularity has resulted in a wide range of options to choose from, including styles and finishes.


Many modern home alarm systems combined with keyless entry systems are designed to preserve all entries and exit records that occur in every entry point. Each input of passkeys is captured, including the time of that corresponding entry.


This accountability can help establish who entered where at what time. This component is fundamental in securing sensitive spaces like offices and storage rooms because a detailed record must identify who got access to the room. These records can be helpful during an investigation on the occasion a crime occurred.

Availability of these records enables investigators to establish what time a specific location was accessed. From that point, they can find the suspects’ movements using the information from the entrance framework. Using keyless entry locks in such scenarios can be of great benefit.

What to Consider

People may argue that keyless entry systems have some drawbacks, which could be right. However, two main problems which arise are forgetting the keycode and power outages. You can remedy them by first trying to avoid using birth dates or addresses in your keycode and, for the second issue, using backup batteries or a backup generator for your home security system.

Acquiring a pneumonic device may also assist you in remembering your passcode. But if you still have difficulty retaining your keycode, think about getting a remote or a different kind of keyless entry system. It is essential to ensure that you acquire a door locking and security system that serves your specific needs.