Why A Good Night’s Sleep Is Important For Our Daily Functioning


There’s no question when it comes to sleep that it’s good for both mental and physical health. With the amount of research that’s been done to backup theories that sleep is essential to our livelihoods, it’s difficult to argue against that fact. However, many people still take it for granted and find themselves getting less than a sufficient amount of sleep every night due to their bad habits. Work and social attitudes tend to be a big reason for lack of sleep and they’re difficult to change. Here we take a look at why a good night’s sleep is important for our health and how we function.

For Productivity & Concentration

Have you ever woken up feeling sluggish and had to dive straight into some work, only to find it near impossible to get motivated? Or maybe you had a terrible night’s sleep and found your productivity throughout the day was seriously lacking? Well, several studies made back in the early 2000s found that a lack of sleep seriously affects brain function, more specifically; concentration, productivity, and cognition. More recently, there’s a study into how sleep affects children, and what was discovered was the less sleep, or the more disrupted it is, the higher the chance that the child will be badly behaved and not perform as well. This is only confirmed by a study done to medical interns, which found that students working shifts over 24 hours made 36% more serious medical errors than those with a schedule that allowed them to rest. So no matter your age, if you want to be able to concentrate and get in a good day’s work. then you better sleep on time, especially if people’s lives are at risk.

Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain

With the number of fad diets that are popping up and the amount of gyms opening, you would think that people would have a grasp on the solid basics of weight loss before trying anything drastic. Well, you might be surprised to hear that it starts in the bedroom, and I’m not talking about anything frisky. Studies have shown that adults were 55% more likely to develop obesity, whilst children were a whopping 89% more likely. So before you start spending money on unproven weight loss pills, or a juicing diet, make sure that your foundations are set with a decent mattress and a calm relaxing sleep space. The expert review at https://sleepauthorities.com/leesa-mattress-review/ shows that type of your mattress has a significant factor in the quality of your sleep, especially if you’re a light sleeper or if you suffer from constant body pains. Looking for a great sleeping mattress as well as improve your sleeping environment will help you achieve that great night’s sleep you always wanted. If you’re trying to lose weight, then this is an essential first step.

To Fight Depression

Nearly everyone you speak to that is battling with depression will tell you that they are struggling with their sleep. 90% of people with depression have sleep issues. It’s not just the depression that is linked with poor sleep, many other mental illnesses are linked with poor sleep quality and other sleep disorders. It’s even said that poor sleep can come with an increased risk of suicide, depending on the severity.

Having said this, just because you are struggling with sleep doesn’t have to mean depression has set in. There is just a strong link that suggests those with sleeping disorders might struggle with depression.

For Your Health

The top priorities we need to do as humans are to look after ourselves and make sure we are living a healthy lifestyle. This means eating well, exercising, looking after our mental health, and sleeping well. We should think of sleep as the basis of everything else, the recharge of the batteries, if we don’t have sufficient sleep then everything else is going to suffer. There are many different risks we take when our sleep isn’t good enough which directly affects our health and lifestyle.

Heart attacks and heart disease is a known killer and something we all try and avoid, however, not many people know or understand that sleep deprivation can actually put you at risk of both with the addition of heart failure, irregular heartbeat, strokes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It’s worth getting your 40 winks for this reason alone.

There’s a chance that your skin will age badly with lack of sleep. Cortisol is a hormone released when the body is stressed, and you guessed it, lack of sleep causes body stress. Cortisol will attack your skin’s collagen and break it down, making it look older.

Death isn’t something we necessarily link with poor sleep quality, but it is when you think about driving a car with only 2 hours of sleep. Your concentration levels are so low that the chances of having an accident rise dramatically, in fact, over 100000 automobile crashes and over 1500 deaths are attributed to fatigue in the U.S.

It’s pretty scary to think about what lack of sleep can do to a human. There aren’t many that would take it that seriously and will often brush it aside like it’s nothing. Work stresses and our social lives make it very difficult for us to take the smaller things like sleep seriously. Hopefully, after reading this you will be able to see the true importance of sleep quality. After all, it is our responsibility to look after ourselves.