65 Fabulous Photos of White Ink Tattoos for the Artistic


Feeling adventurous but don’t want the traditional black or colored tattoo? We all have our reasons for getting tatted, but some of us don’t want to added negative side-effects such as getting fired from our job or creating chaos with our parents that disapprove. White ink tattoos are perfect for those of us that want to add a subtle touch of beauty or rebellious nature to our physique. They’re more easily hidden than the traditional tattoo, but if properly placed, can cause your audience to do a double-take! They also look fabulous on darker skin, adding a touch of intrigue to anyone lucky enough to notice your body art.

If you’re artistic in nature and prefer using white instead of black ink, take a look at these intriguing tattoos that will inspire you to create your own design!

1. Hidden Arrow
tats (19)Placing a small tattoo behind the ear is both subtle and meaningful. It’s close to the ear, eyes, mouth and mind, making it a great location for any piece of art that holds a metaphorical meaning to any one of them. An arrow can be seen here, pointing up towards divine nature, targeting one’s goals, knowledge, or enlightenment.

2. Elaborate Tribal
tats (20)A detailed white-ink tattoo is a beautiful piece of body art that is perfect for covering up mild scars on your skin. It holds a more elegant and majestic look that black ink tends to hinder. A tattoo such as this looks almost natural, as if you had been born with it!

3. Sun & Moon
tats (21)If you value the sun and moon either religiously, spiritually, or are simply fascinated by outer space or their beauty, tattooing them on your skin can prove your love of them. Here they’re placed on the ribcage, safely where their location won’t hinder any social commitments such as work.

4. I Must Not Tell Lies
tats (22)Need a constant reminder of a moral that you value? Placing a white ink tattoo on your hand is just visible enough for you to see, and once the swelling from the new tat goes down, other’s won’t notice it unless they’re really looking for it.

5. Mini Symbolic Totem
tats (23)Like the moral inspiration above this example, a totem or row of meaningful symbols can be a great addition to your already inspiring collection of tats. Combining white ink with black ink tattoos is a rare look that’s sure to impress, even yourself.

6. Permanent Ear Décor
tats (24)Similar to an earring, this design adds a graceful twist to your style. Paired with matching earrings, placing a white tattoo on the side of your face is subtly mesmerizing and acceptable in front of any audience.

7. Flowering Lower Chest Piece
tats (1)If done in black, a design similar to this would look far less elegant. A beautiful design such as the one seen here is indirect and sophisticated. It’s placed where only a lover might see, or perhaps when you’re grabbing some sun on the beach in your bikini.

8. Gridded Butterfly
tats (2)Some of us prefer not to fill in our tattoos, but want there to be a differentiation between certain aspects of our design. Instead of filling in spaces and details fully, you can choose to either grid in the detail or dot it in.

9. Dorsal Surface Piece
tats (3)Some of us want to completely cover the top of our hand(s) with a beautiful design, and choose white ink for its subtly or glowing effect. Be sure it’s a design you love, since filling in the entirety of the hand’s surface is sure to grab more attention than intended!

10. Flying Bird
tats (4)Birds have come to be symbolic of many things, especially freedom and peace. In white ink, a dove is ideal.

11. Music Lover
tats (5)Whether you play an instrument, instruments, or simply love the music you listen to, a treble clef (and even a base clef) look gorgeous and sophisticated in white ink.

12. Exaggerated Moon Charm
tats (6)Moons are popular in white ink, since the moon naturally looks white in the sky. Add a tribal effect for a refreshing design.

13. Simply Curious Arrow
tats (7)Point an arrow somewhere on your body of significance. It could remind you of a memory or be pointing at a scar – or even where someone famous has touched you.

14. Faith
tats (8)Usually, the word “Faith” is tattooed in black, reminding us of our sincerest beliefs. Using white ink instead adds a more refined twist to our hopes.

15. A Wrist’s Promise
tats (9)Placing any word on our wrist immediately tells us that we want to constantly be reminded of something or someone. Doing it in white ink keeps the word or name subtle enough for us to forego placing a Band-Aid on it at work!

16. Flowering Earpiece  
tats (10)Again we see a subtle design located behind the ear, this time its a flowering design that can correlate with many differing styles of earrings. A piece like this is easy to hide with your hair, or you can flaunt it by putting your hair up.

17. Shoulder Rose
tats (11)The rose can symbolize many things, and placing it on the shoulder allows you to have the option of showing it off or wearing a shirt that hides it. The choice is yours with a white ink tat placed in such a location.

18. Love Will Tear Us Apart
tats (12)Place a phrase just under the breast close to the heart reminding you of something either romantic or anti-love – whatever your personality or experiences have you leaning towards.

19. Mandala Love
tats (13)Mandalas are Asian schematized representations of the cosmos, and look beautiful done in white ink wherever you decide to place it. They can easily wrap around an arm or a leg and be designed to look more like flowers than the cosmos, depending on the style you prefer.

20. Moon Goddess
tats (14)A trail of the moon’s phases decorates this woman’s spine. White is ideal for moon tattoos, since the moon appears white in the night sky. If you’re Wiccan, a tattoo like this is perfect for attributing to the Goddess and her phases.

21. Mystique Dragonfly  
tats (15)Moons and birds aren’t the only things that look elegant done in white ink. A dragonfly can be done simplistically like the one seen here, adding a touch of love for nature to your physique.

22. Handed Mural
tats (16)Why settle for a single tattoo when you can have several, each with their own distinguished meaning? The ones above are done in penned ink – it’s good to draw them on with washable ink before committing to the permanent!

23. Tiny Contribution
tats (17)Another tattoo of the sun and moon. This time, they’re much smaller and placed specifically where no one will be able to see them when clothed. Perfect for someone who is only slightly rebellious.

24. Reminder
tats (18)This tat is done in the wearer’s own handwriting – reminding him (or her!?) not to tell lies! You can fabricate any quote you wish, just remember you might have to answer questions onlookers might have for you!

25. Glowing & Gorgeous
white ink tattoos (10)

These days, you can choose to have white ink tatted into your skin that’s also capable of glowing in the dark. Why not? Just make sure you want to be seen in the dark!

26. Tribal Fingers
white ink tattoos (11)We can make our hands subtly more mysterious by adding just a touch of white ink to them, in the simplest forms.

27. Facial Flare
white ink tattoos (12)Even though this piece was done in white ink, a facial tattoo is only for the bold and the brave! Though white ink tats are a lot more subtle than black or colored ones, a white facial tat is still noticeable – place a piece like this with caution!

28. Rose-Gripped Shoulder
white ink tattoos (13)Another rose done on the shoulder, this one spreads itself around the shoulder like protective armor. If you like to wear shirts that hang or droop down to one side, a tattoo like this is perfect to show off.

29. Sternum Décor
white ink tattoos (14)Barely visible when looked at from afar, this tattoo placed on the sternum is both elegant and mysterious. It’s perfect for those of us that want a more sensual tattoo that isn’t as bold as black.

30. Love to Love
white ink tattoos (15)Get creative and combine a word with an image of that same word. Here, we have the word “love” with the L extending into the shape of a heart.

31. Swan’s Feather
white ink tattoos (16)Feathers can mean many things to the wearer, and this one here is no different. It’s combined with dots to look like falling snow, giving it an added touch of uniqueness.

32. Harry Potter Love
white ink tattoos (17)Attribute a small space of your body to your favorite book series or movies – why not? Seen here is a symbol popular in the series Harry Potter.

33. I’ll Be Yours Forever
white ink tattoos (18)Are you married and confident in your partnership? Why not get a tattoo instead of a wedding ring? You can either have their name tatted on, “His” or “Hers” tatted, or simply a design of an actual ring done in white ink. It’s much more elegant than black ink and admittedly, cheaper than a diamond!

34. Wearing a Wrap
white ink tattoos (19)White ink tattoos look great when wrapped around the shoulder, from the chest onto the back. Before committing to such a large tattoo, have it done in henna first to make sure you truly like it.

35. Target
white ink tattoos (20)Large yet simple. Trying to target something in life? You can place a piece like this symbolically on your arm or leg. People will be left guessing as to what it is.

36. Flying Feathered Friend
white ink tattoos (21)This bird has rounded and elegant lines, displaying a bird in flight with a long tail. Many birds look vibrant when done in white ink, and placing it on the wrist can remind you of whatever metaphor you’ve attributed to the image.

37. Dancing Details
white ink tattoos (22)Create a large, fun, and detailed white ink tat for yourself to place on your back. The outcome is gorgeous and it can be personalized however you like. Intricate details done like the one seen here keep the eyes of your audience in awe.

38. Tribute to a Loved One
white ink tattoos (23)Tattoos are supposed to be meaningful, and sometimes we get them to remind us of the tough times but also that we can get through them. Having a singular meaningful word such as “Strength” and even the date a love one has passed can subconsciously help us get through tough times.

39. Elevated Petals
white ink tattoos (24)To accomplish a white ink tattoo such as this one that is elevated higher than the norm, get your tattoo done and wait for it to heal completely. Go back to the tattoo parlor and have it re-done, right over the original design, so that the scar tissue of your tat raises even more so.

40. Winged and Ready for Flight
white ink tattoos (25)Sometimes we want wings, but we don’t want them on our back like traditionalists. It’s already untraditional to get a white ink tat, but why not take it a step further? Wings can coincide on the legs or the ankles, too.

41. Initial Me!
white ink tattoos (26)Some of us value our names or the names of others. Instead of committing to the full name being tatted on our skin, we can simply have one or two initials placed on our bods instead.

42. Armed & Anchored
white ink tattoos (27)An anchor on an arm. Perfect for anyone that enjoys sailing or the navy, but doesn’t want the normal gaudy black tattoos (or prefers their interest to be more subtle).

43. Roses are White, Violets are White
white ink tattoos (28)Why go with traditional colors for flowers when white looks radiant and mysterious on pale flesh?

44. Guardian Angel or Demon?
white ink tattoos (29)Creating a personalized piece of art for the back can be fun and tantalizing. A design such as this adds mystique – is it an angel floating upon your physique or a demon? The wings give no clue!

45. Love Life
white ink tattoos (30)Keep that smile on your face with a daily reminder of positivity. Love Life is wonderful placed on the wrist, and keeps us motivated to enjoy every moment given to us.

46. Cosmic Rift
white ink tattoos (31)Circles can be so much more when placed beside one another. A design representing a galaxy can easily be done in simple circles and dots, and looks more like a galaxy than if it were to be done in black ink.

47. Moon Phases Galore
white ink tattoos (32)Yet another piece done of the moon phases. This time, placed going down the side instead of the spine. Placement here is perfect for anyone afraid to have a needle sticking them in the spine!

48. Simple Heart
white ink tattoos (33)Sometimes, a simple symbol says it all.

49. Dia De Los Muertos
white ink tattoos (34)If you’re familiar with the Central American holiday of Dia De Los Muertos, then you’re familiar with the skull design seen here that is often placed on the holiday’s art pieces. Holiday tattoos are great if you have a favorite that you love celebrating.

50. Pale Beauty
white ink tattoos (35)If you’ve pale skin and know that black tattoos just won’t look good – making your skin look pasty – then a white tattoo can actually help make your skin appear ever so slightly darker.

51. Falling Feather
white ink tattoos (36)Not wanting anything too dramatic? A falling feather is perfect placed just under the collar bone, and adds a subtle flare that’s sexy and enigmatic.

52. Personalized Tribal Feather
white ink tattoos (37)Want a feather but don’t want any that you could possibly find on some else? Personalize yours and create a tribal design specifically for yourself.

53. Ice Princess
white ink tattoos (38)Snowflakes are especially beautiful when done in white ink. Add a drifting snowflake to your wrist and throw on some clear or white gemmed bracelets to give yourself a glittering snow princess look.

54. Bold Statement
white ink tattoos (39)What more can we say? If you’re bold enough for a facial tattoo, try one out in white ink!

55. Ethereal Night Sky
white ink tattoos (40)The tattoo seen above is striking, glow in the dark, and emits an ethereal feel for those of us seeking a lustrous tribute to the night sky.

56. Language Abound
white ink tattoos (41)This might be readable to you, this might not be. If you get a tattoo in a foreign language, ensure it’s exactly what you want it to say to spare yourself some laughs!

57. Punk Design
white ink tattoos (42)White tats work well with large or multiple piercings. If you’re feeling artistic and don’t want black all over your face, a white tat is a great alternative.

58. Geometric Splash
white ink tattoos (43)If you like parallelism, a geometric pattern centered in the chest can be quite mesmerizing. Done in white, it can cause your audience to delve for a closer look.

59. Mimicking Scars
white ink tattoos (44)Why not? It looks awesome! Like you’ve been attacked by a bear or survived a battle. White tats that look like scars keep people guessing – is it real? What’s the story behind it?

60. Butterfly Necklace
white ink tattoos (1)You won’t have to deal with untying knots in your necklaces if you decide to get a tat where necklaces would fall. Here we see a permanent, immense butterfly that peeks just over the top of a shirt, adding a taste of mystique to your everyday style.

61. Trailing Freedom
white ink tattoos (2)A bird falling from a flower with feathers left behind. Tattoos that extend over a body part, such as an arm, subtly like this can tell a tale.

62. Shadowed Feathers
white ink tattoos (3)We’ve seen previous tats of birds, but have you seen one combined with black shadows? Shadowing a white tattoo with black can create an added dimension that makes your tattoo truly stand out beautifully.

63. Snow Queen
white ink tattoos (4)Another beautiful tattoo of a snow flake done in white, the color it should be tatted in – this time placed elegantly on the ankle.

64. Ringed Doubles
white ink tattoos (6)White can also enhance a black tattoo, such as the one seen here.

65. Inside Out
white ink tattoos (8)Bone is naturally white, so any tattoos of bones look a tad more realistic and intriguing done in white ink!