Which Direct-Selling Company Is Best for You?


Direct-selling companies have been around for decades. They’ve helped millions of people work for themselves and earn an income on their own hours and at their own pace. At a retail channel of $36 billion, direct selling is appealing for many reasons, whether it’s the flexible schedule, the extra side income, or the possibility for growth.


Image via Flickr by inazakira

Amway was established in 1959 by founders Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos in Ada, Michigan. The company started with one cleaning product. Almost 60 years later, this company has expanded and has gone from selling one household product to more than 450 high-quality beauty, nutrition, and household consumer goods globally through more than 3 million Independent Business Owners worldwide.

Becoming an Amway Independent Business Owner is an easy, low-risk, low-cost choice, with the Welcome Literature Kit priced at $67 to join and a 100 percent money-back guarantee for the first 90 days. For $89, the Welcome Product Kit includes everything in the first kit as well as a sample of products you will be offering. For training, Amway offers more than 80 training videos in multiple languages, including English, French, and Mandarin, so you’ll be sure to succeed in your business. While you can set your own prices on products, Amway has suggested retail prices for you.

Pampered Chef

If you enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, Pampered Chef may be right for you. By leading an in-home party, consultants are able to give live demonstrations of recipes and Pampered Chef kitchen appliances to friends and party guests. You can also offer a virtual party and provide recipes and product demonstrations to remote clients.

Getting started is simple, and you’ll find three choices of kits to get started. The Quick Start Kit is $109 and has the essentials to get you going, while the Ultimate Kit at $249 will get you everything in the Quick Start Kit plus kitchen products to help you start cooking. Consultants earn between 20 to 27 percent commission on products along with comprehensive online training. One of the disadvantages of this type of business is getting enough parties once you’ve exhausted your group of friends and family, but the Pampered Chef online community can help you navigate through those difficulties.


With a name derived from the Latin phrase “gift of the Earth,” doTERRA is a therapeutic-grade essential oil company that has been increasing in popularity since its inception in 2008. It claims more than 3 million Wellness Advocates globally, as of 2016, and a 68 percent retention rate for its representatives.

You can become a Wellness Advocate yourself. You can either enroll with a $35 enrollment fee or purchase one of the product enrollment kits. While these kits can be quite pricey, the quality of the products makes the price worth the expense. You receive 25 percent off all essential oils, and you get to learn more about the products from doTERRA University, which trains you how to use the company’s essential oils and build your business.

Pure Romance

Pure Romance has been around for more than 25 years and is exclusively for women who want to become consultants and help educate other women curious about the company’s line of sexual enhancement products. Pure Romance promotes “relationship enhancement,” and through its women-only parties, “gives women the chance to have fun, laugh, and learn in a safe environment,” as the company states on its website.

By offering you three different kits to choose from, ranging from the $99 Standard Kit to the $329 Deluxe Plus, Pure Romance gives its consultants a 30 percent buying discount on all orders. In addition to its online training and national training conferences, the company offers many educational resources to support prospective consultants. As with Pampered Chef, it may be hard to book parties, but Pure Romance shows you ways to conquer this challenge.

Whatever reason you may have for looking into direct selling, you can locate a company that matches your needs. All you have to do is find the right one for you.