What Should You Avoid To Improve Your Writing Skills?


Writing may be your passion. But it takes more than passion for becoming a seasoned writer.

It does matter whether you are a newbie or you have been writing for a long enough time. To become the top-notch writer that you want to be, you need to put efforts in learning how to write better every day.

At times you may feel frustrated by not being where you want to be. Do not give up. Even the experts started from nowhere.

Here we will focus on 7 things you should avoid to improve your writing skills.


How can you improve your writing skills if you are not practicing? Make writing an everyday commitment. Even when you are not in the mood, write. Whether someone is paying you or not, keep on writing. The basic way you will learn to write like a pro is by keeping on writing.

Yes, it all starts there. Keep on practicing what you already know. Polish up punctuation, sentence structure, and spellings. Have impeccable grammar. Be it the ‘big money’ you hope to earn one day or the novel to write, find something that inspires you to be persistent.

Every day, find something to write about. Then, do it. When you are consistent at it, you will become a better writer.

Poor reading habits

Read texts of the best, and you will become one of them. Writers will always be students irrespective of their level of proficiency. If you ask an expert to share a secret to their success, reading will be somewhere on top. It has such a great impact. Look for books, articles, and blogs written by someone whose style you admire. Then, critically study their style, and learn from it. Pick out those little things that stand out in their way of writing. Practice what you learn; you will be glad you did.


Even if you are receiving many compliments from your clients, never become too confident. No one is perfect, and even the best make mistakes. Be open to criticism, both positive and negative. And keep in mind that it is the negative criticism that builds you. A good practice would be to find someone to critic your work. Also, ask clients to leave feedback after every project. This way, you will learn your mistakes. Working on them will make you better.

Failing to plan

If you do not plan your work, this is likely to happen. You will mix up your ideas and lose the flow of your content. This will translate to plenty of wasted time trying to put sense to your work. So, whether you are writing an essay, an article, or a book, always plan your work. Make a sketch of your work, edit it, then do the formatting—it will be much easier this way.


When you write any content, you are targeting a certain consumer. Your wish as a writer is for your reader to read your content to the very end. But if you bore them, you will lose them along the way.

What should you do to avoid this?

Spice things up, create engaging content. Using complex sentences will make it difficult for anyone to understand what you are trying to say. Make your content interesting and easy to understand. Use shorter meaningful sentences. You can refer to articles and books that interest you and learn the way the experts articulate their content.

While at it, develop your own style of writing. Learn from the best, but be you. You will attract your own audience that loves your way of writing. It may take months, or even years to develop and perfect your own style, but it will be worth it.

Poor editing skills

After spending hours writing an article, you may be tempted to edit and submit it right away. At times, this urge is irresistible. Learn to say ‘no’ rest you slowly wash your writing career down the drain.

Always take a break before you edit and proofread your work. Make the break as long as possible. This way you will look at the work from a different and refreshed point of view. And it will be easier to notice the errors that you need to correct.

Use of filler words

Most times, people will skim through a website or blog post to gauge its relevance to their research. If the content is too long or irreverent, some may prefer to buy essays online australia or seek the information elsewhere.

So, be brief and concise.

If a word adds no meaning to a sentence, leave it out. Everyone has filler words they like to use. But the truth is, most do not even realize it. A few of these filler words include: just, and, like, actually, you know, etc.


Avoiding the mistakes outlined above will make you a better writer. If you have been doing some of them, correct them. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Never forget that in all aspects of life, education is very crucial. Consider enrolling in a writing course as often as possible. You will be surprised at much more there is to learn every day.