What Numbers Can Tell About Your Personality?


Every individual on Earth has a one-of-a-kind personality. It is impossible to find two people who have the same personality under any circumstances; however, it is pretty easy to find people who have shared traits and similarities. Trying to understand and learn more about other people’s personalities is not always easy. It can take some people a very long time to figure each other out. The study of numerology, however, has made it a little bit easier for people to try and understand how certain traits can shape different personalities. Here is what you can learn about your own personality from numbers.

Life Paths and Calculating Birth Number

The work of numerology can help anyone figure out what their personality says about them and anyone else around them. However, not just any number would do the trick. In order to understand what numbers have to say about you, you must first calculate your life path number. In order to do that, you would have to separate your birth date numbers to their numerical value. You should then start adding each unit of numbers separately, i.e. if the year is 1994, you would add 1+9+9+4, then do the same with your birth month and day. You then add the total numbers together then reduce the result to its numerical value and repeat the process until you get a single digit from 1 to 9. The final number should carry all the information you need to know about your personality.

The Liberal Creatives

Once you have your life path number figured out, you can see which personality type you belong to. Those who have the life path number 3 or 1 are typically creative individuals who know how to express themselves confidently. Those with the birth number 1 are extremely bold and hard-working, while those with the number 3 often get what they want because of their good hearts and their ability to go above and beyond for what they really care about. Both life paths are similar in how liberal they can be and the great lengths to which they would go to achieve what they are passionate about.

The Imaginative Thinkers

If your life path results in the number 2,5, or 6, then chances are you are an imaginative thinker. You are someone with a sharp mind who can easily go about any hurdles without batting an eyelash. Your cognitive skills are impeccable and you can practically read other people’s minds. Those with personality number 5, in particular, are often active members of their community as they have so much energy and a lot of ideas to give back to the community that they live in. On the other hand, those with personality number 2 tend to be a little more philosophical in their thinking. Those with life path number 6 can be pretty similar in their thinking traits as they are often analytical thinkers whose intelligence makes them the greatest problem-solvers anywhere.

The Educators

Those with the life path number 4 or 7 would make great educators. A number 4 personality is that of a leader. They are people who can easily command a room and get the respect of anyone around them, which is a great set of qualities for any academic to have. On the other hand, those with personality number 7 have a natural-born instinct to impart their wisdom unto others.

The Adventurous Dynamics

People who get the life path number 8 or 9 are extremely successful. They are typically witty individuals who treat life like one long adventure. Number 9’s, in particular, are extremely dynamic and always on the move, looking for a new experience to try out. Those who get the number 8 have a knack for taking risks, especially when it comes to business deals. Both life paths are extremely influential and have a mind for statistical analysis, but are not afraid to try new things and take on opportunities when they present themselves.

Personalities are what make people different. It can take some people years to figure out their own personality, let alone the personalities of others around them. Luckily, the study of numerology has been growing more and more popular among people who are looking to learn a little bit more about themselves and those around them. When you are trying to figure out what numbers have to tell you about your own personality, make sure you do your calculations correctly so that you do not end up with the wrong life path number and become even more confused.