What is Microblading and is it Right for You?


There are always new trends in the beauty industry and it can feel like everybody is talking about them. At the moment, eyebrow microblading is one of those hot trends, and it is something that is becoming more and more popular with women. But what is microblading? How to find trusted microblading services? , and is it a good idea for you? Read on to find out!

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What is Microblading?

Microblading is an approach to eyebrow definition that is in many ways similar to permanent eyebrow tattoos. However, microblading is a semi-permanent solution that doesn’t use a tattoo gun. Instead it inlays the pigment in the top layers of skin, giving a realistic appearance that lasts for one to three years. Microblading is done by hand, which allows the technician doing it a lot of control. They can carefully draw each individual hair so that it looks real. There is an art to it, so you really need a very skilled beauty technician to perform it, but the technician will draw on what they are going to do first so that you can approve how your brows are going to look before the more lasting microblading work is done.

Why Do People Get Microblading Done?

There are a number of reasons why microblading is becoming so popular. For some people, it is just so that they don’t have to worry about using an eyebrow pencil or other make-up products and wake up with their brows looking just how they want them. Other people choose to have it done because they are very blonde and their brows don’t show up too well naturally, so the microblading gives them the appearance of fuller, more defined arches. Others go in for microblading because they have lost their eyebrows to alopecia or are having chemotherapy and want to keep the look of strong, defined eyebrows. Finally, some people do it because with age, their brows grow differently, perhaps thinning out in places; microblading can fix this.

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How Painful is Microblading?

Microblading involves making very small wounds in the skin and adding pigment to them. This means it isn’t a pain-free process. However, most people say that the amount of pain is comparable to having your brows threaded or waxed. It is not as painful as a tattoo, for example. The process can take some time – as long as an hour in some cases – because the technician has to painstakingly draw each individual hair onto your brows. It is always performed in a comfortable, sterile environment like any other cosmetic procedure, however, and your technician will make sure you are comfortable throughout your process.

Aftercare for Microblading

If you have had your brows microbladed you will need to consider aftercare. The pigment can be fairly fragile at first, so you don’t want to get your brows wet. You are advised not to do anything that will make you sweat heavily, as this can damage the effect of the pigment in the first couple of weeks. If you do need to work out, or it is hot in general and you are unable to avoid sweat, it is suggested that you put ointment or Vaseline on your brows first to help protect them. You should definitely avoid swimming. Right before your summer vacation is basically the worst time to go in for microblading!

You will find that some small scabs develop as your brows heal from the microblading, and usually, you will be advised to put an antibiotic ointment on them to avoid infection and minimize any itching or discomfort. These scabs are tiny, and so shouldn’t ruin the look of your brows while they are healing.

Some technicians offer you a follow-up appointment in the price of your microblading to touch up your brows and do any reshaping after a few weeks. Generally, though, you won’t need to go in for a touch up for at least a year. That’s a whole year of low maintenance, great looking brows! The effects of microblading can last for up to three years, but you will usually experience some fading and most people prefer to go in for an annual touch up to keep their brows looking their best.

Microblading is convenient and produces a very realistic look – much better than most people can do with an eyebrow pencil. It lasts for a long time and isn’t an extremely painful procedure. If you are interested in having your brows done, why not book an appointment with a good technician today!