What Grown-Ups Can Learn from Students


Society usually assumes that students are the ones who have a lot to learn, but many fail to see what adults can learn from students. With their youth, enthusiasm, energy, and optimism, teenagers and young people have a lot to share with the world. If grown-ups would pay attention to their behavior, they would remember some good qualities that they’ve lost, but which they can still recover.

To understand why learning from students is valuable, we share a list of the top things that a student can teach an adult.

What Adults Can Learn From Students

Adults think they know it all, but the reality is far from that. Always busy and overwhelmed with responsibilities, they ignore some simple truths, which is why there is a lot that they could be learning from students any day.

Don’t Be Afraid of Seeking Help

College is that stage in life when responsibilities grow with each new day. Naturally, many students feel overwhelmed with all the decisions they have to make and all the assignments and tasks they have to deal with. Unlike adults, however, young people are aware that a person’s energy and time are limited, and nobody can be entirely self-sufficient. Asking for help or advice is natural and even recommended to students. Adults, on the other hand, rarely accept that they need help.

If a student has to write an essay and doesn’t know where to start, he will not be afraid to seek help, directly or indirectly. He will not hesitate to explore free essays on EduZaurus.com or elsewhere if that could help him achieve his goal. Maybe he will read free samples online, talk to a professor or a more knowledgeable friend or buy an essay from a writing service, but he will not struggle unnecessarily.

Express Yourself Freely

If there is something that students do best that is being authentic and having no fears when it comes to showing their uniqueness and displaying their feelings, thoughts, preferences, and opinions. Once job responsibilities come into play, many young people and adults believe that they should preserve a certain image in society to avoid creating disagreements.

While being agreeable is good, what adults forget is that standing up for what you believe in and standing by your values, principles, and opinions is very important for a person’s feelings of self-worth and confidence. Adults usually censor themselves to seem serious and responsible, thus neglecting their feelings and emotions to maintain a façade. Expressing themselves freely and authentically is something they should be learning from students.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

What adults can learn from students is to not be so fearful and hesitant in life. Students are never afraid to take risks and to pursue things with confidence and optimism, knowing that even though they will not achieve their goal, at least they will learn a valuable lesson. Adults, on the other hand, always overthink every new step, afraid to go out of their comfort zone.

Nothing valuable, interesting or innovative can be achieved without risks. If students are often accused of disregarding responsibilities and underestimating dangers, their ability to follow a vision, no matter how crazy, is something to aspire to. Afraid to seem reckless, adults choose safety most of the time, thus missing out on life opportunities because of their fears of the unknown, of judgment, of failure.

Once they finish college, people leave an important part of themselves behind in order to conform to the image that society has about what it means to be a responsible, independent adult. This is why there are so many things adults have to learn and re-learn from students if they want to bring out again some of that youthful and inspiring energy into their lives.