What Does Your Watch Say About You?


The type of timepiece that you adorn your arm with says a lot more about you than you might realize. In this post, we will look through the unconscious signals your watch may giving off.

The Same Old Watch You Had as a Kid

First of all, congrats on keeping it running this long. Second of all, it says one of two things about you. Either you are hopelessly nostalgic for a simpler time in your life or ultra-trendy if the watch is back in style again.

That Flashy Hugely Expensive Watch

Okay, if your watch sparkles with more diamonds than a woman’s engagement ring, it gives the world a very clear impression of you. It shows that you have more ass than class. Sure, you obviously are making a lot of money, but you want everyone to see that as well.

When in the company of other wealthy people, they probably snort behind your back and say it is a clear sign that you are newly wealthy.

A More Understated Hugely Expensive Watch

This one sends a subtler signal that you are successful. It’s a clear that you have money, but you don’t feel the need to rub everyone’s noses in the fact.

A Dive Watch With All the Features

If you are a diver, that makes perfect sense. If you are not, people are going to wonder if you are a bit of a poser. A lot of this will be down to how you actually use the features on the watch. Is your party trick checking the hygrometer or barometric pressure?

Then you are trying too hard.

A Cheap Digital Watch

Again, this will depend on where you are wearing it. If you are out playing football with your mates, wearing a cheap watch makes senses. It shows that you take care of your things.

Wearing a cheap digital watch to a black-tie event, however, is never a good idea. It will look completely wrong and will lead people to think that you don’t really belong there at all.

A Dress Watch

There are few occasions that a tasteful dress watch will not suit. You could wear it to a black-tie event, or possibly to a business meeting. As long as it matches the occasion, people will think you have good taste.

If you wear it with your jeans and t-shirt to the family barbeque, though, they are more likely to think that you are trying to show off.

A Smart Watch

Hey, let your nerd flag fly high. Okay, so smartwatches are for anyone, but there are two broad categories that they fit into – nerds that love tech and people wanting to improve their fitness levels.

According to the familiar website SmartGeekWrist.com, how you use your smartwatch will determine which of those main categories you would fit into.

Your Dad’s Old Watch

This is bound to peg you as either a sentimentalist or if the watch is a particularly good make, extremely fashionable. Either way, it makes no difference to you-you wear your dad’s watch for whatever reason you like.

It’s amazing how people make snap judgments based on something as seemingly insignificant as the watches we wear. Make sure you make the best impression possible by choosing the right watch for the right occasion.