What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes?


Dark circles under the eyes are very unappealing. While some people are left plagued with these imperfections, others are never affected. Fortunately, medical experts have been able to prove what causes dark circles to form. With a diagnosis and proper treatment, these symptoms will go away. However, it could be a long-term treatment for some people. Below, you will discover the answer to the question of what causes dark circles under the eyes.

Vitamin K Deficiency

Dark circles will form under the eyes in people with vitamin K deficiency. Vitamin K can be found in vegetables, poultry, lentils and cheeses. While rare, these deficiencies can lead to bone weakness and bleeding. If not treated appropriately, it could also increase the risk of heart disease. The solution to this diagnosis is to eat more foods with vitamin K. Some examples of vitamin K-rich foods include kale, Swiss chard, mustard greens, collard greens, brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, beef liver, chicken and hard cheeses.

Sign Of Aging

Dark circles are very common in seniors. As humans age, their skin begins to thin due to the loss of collagen and fat. Collagen is a structural protein found in the skin. Fat is an oily substance that is deposited in layers underneath the skin. Some older adults with dark circles struggle with their condition. In fact, many are forced to live with their condition because they cannot find a solution. Others will turn to soothing eye cream with collagen and a selection of vitamins. Just a small dab of these creams may help decrease the dark circles.


As mentioned above, dark circles are very unappealing. However, for someone who has never experienced such symptoms may become overwhelmed when they first appear. Fortunately, not all conditions that cause dark circles to form underneath the eyelids is not serious. One such condition is fatigue, which is very common in college students, young parents and older adults. Fatigue can occur in people who use drugs and alcohol, exercise excessively and have difficulty sleeping.

Fatigue is also a side effect of cough syrups and antihistamines. If you are taking these medications and dark circles begin to appear under your eyes, you should speak with your primary care physician. A simple change in your medications could help lighten the dark circles.


People with allergies can also experience dark circles underneath the eyes. During an allergic reaction, histamines are released by the body. This action is a response to what the body believes is harmful bacteria. Along with the dark circles, other symptoms can also appear. These symptoms may include puffy, red and itchy eyes. So, it is easy to see why an allergic reaction could trigger the area beneath the eyes to darken.

Eye Strain

It is not unusual for someone who watches a lot of TV or spends a lot of time behind a computer screen to suffer from dark circles under the eyes. When you strain your eyes for a period of time, the area underneath the eyes could darken. In this case, the darkened area is caused by enlarged blood vessels. The solution is to let your eyes rest frequently. Try to reduce the time you spend behind the computer or watching TV. If you are at work, you should try to rest your eyes by closing them periodically. This along with collagen-rich eye creams will definitely do the trick.

Rubbing The Eyes

When you rub your eyes excessively, it could lead to dark circles. When your eyes become tired or irritated, it is only natural to rub them. This action is an effort to help soothe the irritation. Unfortunately, as you rub your eyes, you are causing the blood vessels underneath to break. This, in turn, will cause dark circles to form underneath the eyes. So, the next time your eyes become irritated, you should avoid rubbing them. Instead, pat them with a clean tissue. This will help relieve the itching, burning and redness. If possible, you should wet a washcloth and place it over both eyes whenever you have the time. Leave the cloth in place for at least 15 minutes, if you can spare that much time. This will help relieve the irritation. So, you are not tempted to rub your eyes.