What Causes A Leaky Basement?


Leaky Basement: What Causes It.

Unfortunately, there is a myriad reason why you might be having a leaky basement. All these problems should be handled seriously and rectified immediately. Leaking basements are a major problem in older homes, and considering the extreme weather here in Toronto, this can graduate to a bigger problem if not rectified as soon as possible.

We have compiled some of the main causes of the leaky basement so you can establish which one might be making your basement leaky. Take a look here, and you will be able to identify the culprit behind your leaky basement.

On the Foundation Wall.

The water can come from the top of the foundation wall and find its way to the basement. This is mostly with the rainwater especially where it drains on the walls rather than following the gutters. It is a main problem in older homes where the drainage systems are poor. To correct this problem, ensure your home gutter are functional.

Leaking Window Wells.

Sometimes window wells may fail to drain rainwater away. This is the case where gutters are clogged since rainwater overflows from the roof. To avoid this problem, make sure that the installation of your window wells and windows is correctly done. That can solve the issue of the leaky basement since the window wells have their drainage system.

The Basement Wall Cracks.

This can be a serious problem. So, you should understand why the walls are cracked. In most cases, the cracks result from pressure which has developed at the bottom of the basement wall. Water then gets through these cracks to the basement. If not checked in advance, more cracks might develop. In this case, a leaky basement is something you cannot avoid.

Tie Rod Leaks.

In most cases, especially in older homes, during construction, some rods were used. After the construction, those rods are removed, and they tend to leave some gaps. With time, these cracks may get filled with water leading to a leaky basement.

Leaker Sewer Pipe.

This is the main cause of leaky basement Toronto. The problem with sewer pipes is that the leaks are not usually significant, so they may take long before you discover them. It is until you discover a stain on the walls when you know they are leaking. Sometimes, you may notice mould growth slightly below the drain.

Leaky Mortar Joints.

Many basement walls are now being constructed of cinder block, wood, stone, brick rather than concrete. The mortar usually holds the blocks, and with time, the strength of the mortar becomes loosened. This makes it possible for the rainwater to seep in through the weak mortar.

Cracks in The Floor.

The cracks in the basement floor allow water to get in the basement wall and weaken it.