What are the pros and cons of different hair transplant methods?


Once you make the decision to have a hair transplant done, the next question is which procedure to have. There is more than one type of hair transplant surgery that is done, with each procedure having various advantages and drawbacks. Some methods are older than others while others are very new and may not be so easy to have done.

It also may well depend on what clinic you choose because a particular clinic may only offer one of the procedures.

FUT – an older method

The FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is now considered to be quite out of date. This procedure used to be the standard but has been largely replaced by new and improved methods such as the FUE. The one benefit of the FUT is that it is probably going to be the cheapest procedure being done.

A large disadvantage of the FUT though, is that a large visible scar is left after the tissue has been cut out of the donor site. The risk of infection is also much higher because a large strip of tissue is removed which exposes more of the blood supply to the external environment.

FUE – an improvement on the FUT

The FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is based on the older FUT method but it is an improvement because it involves the extraction of small follicular units instead of an entire strip of tissue. This means that there is minimal scarring and exposure of body tissues to the outside, which greatly minimizes the risk of infections or excessive bleeding.

The disadvantages of the FUE are that the procedure is more expensive to get compared with the FUT, but over time the prices are likely to come down especially as more and more clinics offer the procedure. The other drawback of the FUE is that it is quite a lengthy process and can take several hours because individual follicular units have to be carefully excised.

Despite the drawbacks, the FUE is the most commonly recommended procedure for hair transplants whether for your head, eyebrows, or even for a beard. There are also a lot of experts with many years of experience, so it is a tried and tested technique that does give very good results. To find out more about the FUE you can visit https://www.veraclinic.net/en/hair-transplant-turkey/fue-hair-transplant-turkey/

DHI – a very recent method

The DHI or Direct Hair Implantation technique uses a special instrument known as a Choi pen. It has the advantage of being a very precise method, but a drawback is that it is very expensive and is also not offered yet by many clinics.

In the future this method may become more popular and the price may come down. The other issue is that you want a person who has experience in whatever hair transplant surgery procedure that you choose to have. At the current time the DHI is very new and so the people who are trained in it may not have much experience.