What are the Cognitive Advantages of Playing Online Games?


Contrary to popular belief that gaming is just an addictive source of diversion and entertainment, there are more and more studies that point out the positive effects of a healthy amount of gaming. Most of the advantages you get from gaming apply in the cognitive area and they’re applicable in both adults and children. It turns out that just like physical exercise is great for strengthening and improving your muscles, cognitive games bring a lot of benefit towards your brain’s constant stimulation and improvement of performance. Here are some of the most frequent positive effects online gaming can have on your brain.

Improved Coordination

It’s no secret that when you’re playing a video game, you’re not just staring at the screen inactively. The actions and activities imposed by the gameplay of the game you are playing trigger plenty of mental stimulation that can then be translated into better coordination. Since most of the visual information you get on screen trigger a physical interaction with the mouse, keyboard, controller or joystick, your coordination can be greatly improved and that can be successfully applied in real-life situations. The best example in that direction is the high number of computer game enthusiasts that get hired to fly military drones or other unmanned vehicles.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

While reading the Allspinwin casino review may not give you the recipe on how to win when playing online slots, jumping straight into the action and playing your favorite slot for free will definitely help you develop the problem-solving skills needed to do so. It’s exactly the same with video games since all the puzzles and split-second decisions you need to make train your brain into being able to find quicker and better solutions to various problems emerging in day-to-day tasks.

Enhanced Memory Skills

Enjoying your favorite video game requires, most of the time, a good audio and visual memory. No matter if you’re playing a first person shooter, a role playing game or an open-world game, you will always encounter situations in which remembering the position of a certain object or enemy is key to succeeding. Another aspect regarding the improvement of memory skills through gaming can be exemplified by remembering all the keys on the keyboard without even having to look at them. That’s a combination of visual and sensorial memory that lets you hands know exactly what keys are pressed without having to look at the keyboard.

Better Concentration and Attention

Especially true for action video games, catchin the player’s attention for the greater portion of the game is a sure way of improving attention and concentration. Focusing on the task given in a world filled with distractions, side quests and enemies that want to stop you, is an excellent way to train for real-life situations when you need to channel all your attention and concentration onto one big target that you need to achieve.

An Awesome Method for Learning

The fact that learning is a lot easier through games is not a secret to anyone anymore. Actually, psychologists are promoting this method when it comes to learning new words or anything else in the early stages of childhood. Many education institutions nowadays are incorporating video games as a way to teach. Making lessons interactive and a lot more engaging is the perfect way of making sure the students are fully focused on the task and learning in the process. Even more than that, new games can be developed to aim a certain learning activity and the possibilities are endless.

Better Multitasking Skills

Since most of the time in an action game you have to analyze a multitude of actions, your multitasking skill get improved. If you’re having trouble understanding this aspect, just think about a first person action game where you have to analyse the attack of an enemy, check your weapons’ status and health points while also figuring ways of dealing powerful attacks. All this info processed almost instantaneously by your brain trains it to be more effective in similar situations when you have to deal with many tasks at once and you’re under pressure.


Of course too much gaming can be harmful. Too much of everything is harmful at one point, however, we shouldn’t use this preconception to deem all gaming useless and negative. Just like the examples above show, there are many benefits that come from gaming and there are many more yet to be discovered.