What are the advantages of Waxing?


Taking care of your appearance is fundamental, and among the most sought-after aesthetic procedures is hair removal. Hard bean waxing is one of the most commonly used methods.

The procedure performed with wax removes the hair from the body completely, from the root. However, it is not permanent and needs certain regularity. In this article, we will list the main benefits of the hard bean wax.

What is hard bean waxing?

Hard bean waxing is one of the most commonly used methods when it comes to hair removal.

The wax has the purpose of removing hair temporarily, as it removes hair directly from the root, making them take longer to grow.In general, hard bean waxing lasts 20 to 30 days, depending on the intensity of hair growth in each person.

What are the main benefits of hard bean waxing?

Hair removal with hard bean wax provides many benefits to its users, among which we can highlight:

  • Smooth skin: one of the most significant benefits of waxing with hard bean wax is that it makes the skin look smooth, as the hairs are removed from the root, they are not pointed as in other types of hair removal;
  • It does not darken the skin: some methods to shave end up making the skin darker and ugly; however, when shaving with hard bean wax, this is not noticed;
  • It’s quick: waxing with hard bean wax is one of the least time-consuming, as it pulls out a lot of hair at once;
  • Hair costs to grow: some methods cause the hair to grow a few days after removal. However, the hard bean wax provides days of clean skin, approximately 20 days without the appearance of new hair;
  • More delicate hair: those who frequently use waxing have thinner and weaker hairs with each new hair removal, providing less pain each time.

Does hard bean waxing hurt?

One of the considerable doubts about hard bean waxing is if it hurts, and there is no single answer to that because yes, this procedure is a little painful compared to the razor, laser, pulsed light, etc. Still, it will become less painful with each hair removal.

In the first hair removal with hard bean wax, the hairs are thick, and therefore it will hurt at the time of their removal; however, with each new hair removal, they will grow thinner, so they will be easier to be removed and caused less pain.

But of course, the intensity of the pain will vary depending on the sensitivity of the skin.


  • Avoid sun exposure after shaving;
  • Use creams to moisturize the area;
  • Bathe in warm water;
  • Wear light clothing that does not squeeze the region;
  • Avoid exfoliating your skin;
  • Use post-depilatory gel

The hard bean wax is helpful for hair removal in different regions of the body such as the groin, armpit, legs and thighs, and face.