Various Tattoo Designs For Your Body


Wanna change something in your appearance or impress your friends with new style, or maybe just express yourself in an unusual way? Well, a fresh tattoo is a perfect way out for each case.

Here, in our gallery, we’ve got a bunch of best tattoo ideas for men and women so that you’ll definitely find the one to inspire you. Scroll down and enjoy various tattoo designs for your body.1. Animal Tattoo

This eagle tattoo is a true artwork. So massive and impressing, it is associated with domination, victory, courage and inspiration, spiritual development and ascent. The symbolism of the eagle tattoo is in its power, speed, and grace.

Here’s another example of a bird tattoo. It’s less ambitious and provocative so that it’s a great option both for men and women. Freedom, lightness, even weightlessness are often hiding behind these pics.

This one is not your average puppy tattoo: it’s a half portrait of a doggy and half of the thing from the old horror film. Scary but spicy – this is an idea for true madcaps.

Deer tattoo in black and white with triangles is a rising trend these days, one of the most popular animal tattoos ever. So if you’re looking for something really up-to-date, this one is definitely what you need.

You can turn your animal tattoo into a masterpiece if add some creativity and taste. For example, a wolf tattoo can look like a full-fledged picture with a snowy, forest, or birds background.

  1. Hebrew Tattoo

Hebrew love quotes and signs can become a stylish decoration for your body. “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” – says this amazing side tattoo for men.

Also, you can try Hebrew wrist tattoos, which are also very meaningful, look nice, and don’t take too much space on your body. “I am” in Hebrew looks like this.

Hebrew symbols and Hebrew tattoo phrases can both highlight the male strength and underline feminine beauty. All you need is to pic the one perfect for your temper and character. 

  1. Minimalist Tattoo

For tiny details-lovers, we’ve got some ideas of minimalist tattoo designs. Choose such arm tattoo done in your fav minimalist style and experiment with a type and sense.

Play with a little triple pointer on the hands or fingers if you feel like it’s your cup of tea.

Or try this meaningful FAQ on the right finger.

Butterflies are deservedly considered as a typical women tattoo design. Why don’t you place them above the heel – so simple but so tasteful?

A tiny XO ear tattoo will also come in handy for those looking for a perfect minimalist tattoo.

  1. Floral Tattoo

Yellow flowers with touches of violet will look even better than jewelry on a woman’s body. That natural contrast makes the plant so magical and mysterious.

Another fresh flower tattoo design, which is so popular with young romantic ladies. Soft shades of blue and white smell like spring, indeed.

If you think that self-love is important, here’s an original leg tattoo idea for you: a love letter to yourself in a floral black and white design. Why not?

Matching sunflower shoulders for bright girls. Such tattoo looks great with all kinds of tops: from tank tops to off-the-shoulder crops.

You can also fulfill those sunflower shoulders with one more colorful on the hip.

Talking about thigh tattoos we can’t omit luxury graphic roses. They’re always a win-win choice for women of all ages.

Wanna some creativity? Here’s a modern floral tattoo mixture with a woman silhouette – a very meaningful and symbolic blend.

This compass and roses tattoo will become a fashionable addition to any clothing style you choose – from casual, to romantic, from classic to glamorous.

Minimalist + floral =  a fantastic blend. 

  1. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are majorly being chosen by men, however, girls also take an interest in this crazy tattoo type. For example, such calf tat is a cool unisex option.

Black and grey cubic arm tattoos, as well as a fading geometric pattern on the wrist, can also inspire both men and women.

Nevertheless, some ladies are really into geometric tattoos. In this case, such huge and outstanding pieces of art become reality.

And here’s an idea for complete lunatics: cover your bald and bold head with the pattern you really enjoy and add a couple of artistic details to complete the image.

Or do the same with your neck and shoulder if you really want to turn lots of heads. Play with colors, designs and styles, as long as it’s fun. Stay creative, stay unique, stay reckless.