Vaping as a Part of Urban Fashion


Urban fashion is a style born from the streets. Initially, it meant a look that bounces to the beat of Hip-Hop and R&B. It has been around for about 40 years. Now, we can see its rebirth and rise.

For the last few years, streetwear has been making the big storylines in glossy magazines. Vetements, Off-White, and Supreme borrowed streetwear signatures and transformed the once humble aesthetic to the high-end fashion. Urban style has proven itself as a retail force to be reckoned with.

What does vaping has to do with urban fashion?

Designers often derive inspiration from real events. Since vaping is a new craze, there’s no wonder that e-cigarettes have already contributed to creating a new niche in clothing.

Vape clothing is a new wave of urban fashion. Urban apparel is not formal. Brands produce more casual garments, inspired by sports. So, vape clothing items include hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers and baseball caps. They are exclusive, comfortable, and affordable. These features make a modern vaper feel comfort and style during the whole day.

Vape mod kits are marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, vaping maintains its “edgy” status. Perhaps, this is why electronic smoking devices are seen as a part of the urban look.

The items usually have some brand signature, or a funny statement relating to vaping. This makes it easy to define a vaper in a mob.

Who wears vaping clothes and at what occasions?

The number of vapers is growing. And many members follow the clothing trends that mark them as part of the club. Who are these people?

Millennials, who are in their twenties to very early thirties, comprise the largest group of consumers. These young people usually live in urban areas and aren’t yet required to dress professionally. Some simply put on streetwear outfits when being out of the office. A combo of functionality and style is appreciated by people of any age.

Of course, urban fashionistas like to demonstrate their lifestyle or hobbies through the way they dress. Just like with skating or surfing, vaping is more than just a habit – it’s a lifestyle. People who made a switch from regular cigarettes to small vape mods feel strongly about their decision. You can say they care for their health while expressing personality with the vape brand they choose.

The vape look that belongs to classic streetwear category is appealing to men and women who want to look cool and stylish without much effort. Usually, the items can be easily matched. It’s convenient in situations when you don’t need to worry about your outfit choice.

There’s no need to pull on vaping clothes from head to toe. One amazing product of rich design, colorful or embellished with an interesting message can dilute any boring look.

E-Cigarette as a trendy accessorize

Early vape market couldn’t boast a wide range of smoking devices. Now, there’s so much choice that one can really make it their own. At first, vape gadgets are divided into three forms, or so-called generations: cig-a-likes, vape pens, and vape mods. Each has its pluses and minuses, so it’s necessary to define the type of e-cig you need. By the way, vape mods are the hottest new trend in vaping.

After that, you can focus on looking for a refined design. Truly devoted vapers collect electronic cigarettes, paying special attention to limited edition models which usually have an exquisite design. They also value devices that have superior technical features and provide a vapor of high quality.

Make a quick search on “best vape mod” and “most expensive vape mod”, and you’ll see how cool the devices may look. And taking to account the price, an expensive e-cigarette has grown up to the level of a social status symbol, just like a pair of Jordans. The correctly chosen gadget can take an outfit to the next level, just like a fancy accessory.

At last, mastering vapor tricks, or so-called cloud-chasing, is a sure way to attract attention when it’s needed.

Why is vaping so popular?

Vaping has become a very fashionable phenomenon. What’s so special about electronic smoking devices?

Though the major reason people buy e-cigarettes is their safety in comparison with conventional cigarettes, it doesn’t seem that this brought them in vogue. Some popular products are harmful, like alcohol. But people keep buying them.

We think that people like to try new things. The tobacco industry doesn’t offer many options – just the same-looking cigarettes or cigars and the same taste of tobacco. The vaping market offers a wide range of different gadgets and flavored e-liquids. Some people refuse to return to smoking after testing pod mods.

The boom was highly possible caused by the fact that vaping has proven itself as an effective tool for smoking cessation. While these nicotine-delivery systems are not yet officially approved as quitting methods due to the lack of research, there’re lots of positive reviews on the net.

Celebrities that are involved in vape PR, especially in American media, also played their role. Photos of vaping actors, singers, musicians, and other famous people keep appearing. I bet you can name at least a few vaping A-listers.

The vape movement has hit the net hard in recent years. Like-minded communities where people discuss everything that related to their hobby, hashtags #vaping and #vape are getting increasing attention.

Trends are notorious for being short-lived. They usually have a dramatic rise and then the fall, which is no less dramatic. So, when a new product hits the market, it’s hard to predict its route. But when it comes to vaping, it shows no signs of slowing down.

So, urban fashion is a curious mix of the underground culture and the ready-to-wear catwalk collections. Fashionistas all over the world have approved the trend for streetwear sharing their outfits in Instagram. This style attracts by its ability to give a sort of freedom and carelessness, but a studied one. If you’re a fan of e-cigs, vape clothing is a fashionable way to show your devotion.