Used vs. New: Which Myths Still Keep You from Buying a Used Car?


Do you feel a desire when looking at a new model of your favorite car brand on the advertisement? Yes, advertisements always tell that new vehicles are more fancy and prestigious, but what if one can own a bit older car paying 3 or even 5 times lower? This is the moment when car manufacturers start to disseminate myths. Although most of them are erroneous, people believe them, refuse all used auto offers even if they don’t have enough money for buying a new vehicle. We’ve gathered the 4 most popular of them, so that clients can judge whether they also believe these myths or not.

Myths Discerning

Typically, when clients think about a used vehicle, they imagine 1990 year Ford Mondeo, which has outlived its best years and in 2 years it will ride no more. This is not true as millions of used autos are annually exchanged between drivers and most of them don’t even have 10 years of exploitation. One can even visit FAX-VIN or other similar sites to find out used vehicle’s status and its ownership history so as to definitely know whether this car can serve for three or more years. Anyway, there are still 4 myths, which don’t allow you make an unbiased decision:

  1. If you buy a used vehicle, you will never recover your money reselling it: Well, one doesn’t need to live in a country with hyperinflation to expect selling his car for a higher amount in the future. It is true that the value of car decreases with its utilization but one can still sell it for a modest amount by taking care of it;
  2. Used vehicle is less fuel-efficient: It is true that automakers try to make new models consuming less fuel but if you compare the vehicle of the same model with a new one, they will not differ by fuel consumption. It takes more than 10 years for the engine to lose efficiency, if this auto has less than 200 thousand miles on odometer, don’t care much about that;
  3. I cannot buy used auto without a substantial amount of cash: Today official dealers can offer you lend the used car and even make all the documentation for you (but this will not work for private dealers);
  4. When I choose a car, I don’t know whether it has any internal defects. Well, if this defect prevents you from riding, you will know about it during its test drive. And if you buy from an official dealer, you receive guarantee that this car was already inspected.

Just More Time

Despite the considerable benefits clients get from buying a used car, they should have more time to make the right choice. Dealing with private sellers may take weeks while observing vehicles in official used vehicle dealers salons may require one day (while buying a new car takes less than an hour). If you want to save, you should think whether this difference is worth spending more time. But if you are not a Microsoft CEO, buying a good-looking and well-groomed vehicle will only benefit you.