Unique Ways to Shake up your Hairstyle for Autumn


There aren’t a lot of great things about the end of summer; the sun has disappeared, the air suddenly has a chilly feel and the days are getting shorter, too; so it’s important to keep your spirits up! Along with cozy evenings at home on the sofa, leisurely afternoon walks in the autumnal woods and seasonal family celebrations such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, treating yourself to a little autumn makeover to celebrate the changing seasons is a great way to lift your mood. A hairstyle refresh will give you a new look just in time for party season and see you through into the new year.


Making a small change to the color of your hair – even if it’s just a shade or two difference – can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on your overall appearance. If somehow, our gallery of adventurous emo hairstyles hasn’t tempted you to reach for the purple hair dye, there are also plenty of ways to shake up your look while staying within the natural hair color spectrum.

Layering a deeper tint on to your existing color will bring out and emphasize your features in stark contrast to the hair, while lifting your color a couple of shades lighter will give your complexion a deeper and warmer hue – beneficial for those who like a year-round glow through bronzer or tanning products. If you want to try something a bit edgier, you can dye block sections of the under layers of your hairstyle (particularly striking if you have bangs or layering) with dark or black hair color, which is one way get a cool avant-garde appearance.


Look in any magazine or style editorial in 2017 and it would appear that bobs are well-and-truly back in style. Make like a runway model and opt for a drastic chop with the classic French-girl bob: a blunt cut at cheekbone-length with short-length bangs above the eyebrows, to frame and emphasize your natural bone structure. If cutting it all off seems too dramatic and you want to maintain the length of your hair, having a hair stylist add soft bangs around the forehead can dramatically refresh your style in minutes and will suit most face shapes. Layering – once synonymous with that infamous Rachel-from-Friends haircut of the 1990s – is making a comeback as a stylish way to add volume and texture to hair which is naturally flat or struggles to achieve volume.


It goes without saying that any seasonal weather changes which affect the needs of your skin (such as switching to a heavier moisturizer) should be reflected in your hair care regime, too. The cold weather and wind can cause the surface of the hair cuticle to lift slightly, which allows moisture to escape and can lead to dry and damaged hair. To combat this, treat your locks to a nourishing hair mask twice a week and try to avoid over-washing – ideally, no more often than every other day – as this can strip the hair of natural oils. If you do suffer from split ends, a regular trim will help improve the overall condition and shine and prevent existing split ends from worsening.