35 Unicorn Tattoos Ranging from Majestic to Malicious!


The myth of the unicorn has been present since antiquity, having a tremendous impact on history with many names you’re familiar with describing confrontations with them – which makes unicorn tattoos a very symbolic choice of body art.

Ever hear of Genghis Khan, the Mongolian Emperor that took over much of Asia between 1185-1227AD? Right before entering battle to take over India, a unicorn appeared to Khan and bowed to him. It is known that unicorns are telepathic, so whatever the unicorn said to Khan caused him to turn his armies around – keeping India safe from his invasion.

Marco Polo also described seeing a unicorn, but believed them to be hideous beasts that look nothing like our perceptions of beauty. The unicorn Marco Polo described turned out to be a rhinoceros!

Whatever the reason you decide you want a unicorn tatted permanently on your skin, we’ve got some creative and inspirational pieces of body art for you to consider. Below are 37 unicorn tattoos ranging from simple and cute to huge with a tinge of evil residing in them!

1. Pretty Little Unicorn
11-unicorn-tattoosUnicorns are perfect for those of us seeking a small, simple tat that’s both beautiful and symbolic for that little place on our body we wish to add art to. This wrist tattoo is lovely, isn’t too tacky, and serves as a perfect piece of art for those of us that aren’t searching for anything too dramatic.

2. A Carousal’s Feature Ride
12-unicorn-tattoosIf you’ve ever ridden a carousel, you’re quite familiar with the unicorns present on them. They’re usually done with the most intricate detail, and are by far the more lovelier of the other animals on the ride. You can tribute your tattoo to unicorns of this style, with the signature golden details and glamorous saddle and reigns.

3. Tragically Lost Beast
13-unicorn-tattoosWhile many perceptions of unicorns are of beauty, love, and triumph, this one portrays a saddening – almost lost, persona. You can create a unicorn tattoo with any type of “facial expression” to portray the mood or emotion you want.

4. A Sherbet Smile
14-unicorn-tattoosColors can be an important aspect to your unicorn tat, and simply surrounding a portrait of a unicorn can enhance its beauty and depth. This wearer chose green and pink sherbet colors, perfect for a magical feel.

5. Cosmic Unicorn Silhouette
15-unicorn-tattoosThis double silhouette is eye-catching, simple, and gorgeous using multiple inks and a triangle to center the art piece. There are many different designs you can fit into the silhouette of this majestic beast, space glamour being one of them.

6. Riding the Hip
16-unicorn-tattoosA much larger tat of a simpler unicorn combined with lovely pink flowers that resemble roses. This artist has a distinct style s/he gives to his art. It’s important to choose the right ink artist for the type of tat you’re wanting.

7. A Cubic Landscape
17-unicorn-tattoosThe lines to create this unicorn are thick, simple, and the colors are quite vivid. This body art resembles My Little Pony, with the added touch of a unicorn’s horn!

8. Flight of Mother & Child
18-unicorn-tattoosGems, crystals, starts, hearts, rainbow colors, the night sky, wings, and unicorn horns… Could this piece be any more magical? It’s Pegasus mixed with a unicorn, a lovely combo for those of us embracing all forms for mythology.

9. Framed & Gemmed Mystic
19-unicorn-tattoosYour unicorn doesn’t have to be the traditional white. They can come in any color, and the teal unicorn found here goes well with the purple and yellow flowers along with pink and blue gems within the frame.

10. Ravenous Poison Beast
20-unicorn-tattoosHere’s a great example of an evil unicorn. This one doesn’t represent healing nor purity – in fact, it represents the precise opposite. You wouldn’t want to get bitten by this beast, that’s for sure.

11. Geometric Creature
21-unicorn-tattoosIf you’ve got a soft spot for unicorns but don’t like the traditional cute, adorable, colorful kind of body art usually associated with them – you can try geometric shapes that form the silhouette of the creature. It’s still recognizable and a great head-turner.

12. Riding the Waves of Space
22-unicorn-tattoosAnother cosmic bit of space done as the background to a silhouette of a unicorn. They’re quite the magical creature, often being associated with the cosmos since so little is understood about them – just like outer space.

13. Memory of a Favorite
23-unicorn-tattoosIf you were a child that loved magical creatures, horses, carousels, or any other form of childish mystique, you may not mind getting a colorful; magical form of unicorn that stands out and represents just that: your childhood love of magical, colorful creatures.

14. Simple, Beautiful Flight
24-unicorn-tattoosThis is a gorgeous form of unicorn tattoo. Simple, done in a lovely stance, has Pegasus wings, and a flowing mane and tail. The artist captured all the beauty of the majestic beast while keeping it simple.

15. The Expression Says It All
25-unicorn-tattoosThis isn’t your typical expression on a unicorn. It’s sensual, thoughtful, and looks as if its deep in thought. It is probably wondering where its wearer will take it to next, being on the top of the foot!

16. Chubby Cheeks & Colorful Clues
26-unicorn-tattoosHere we have a very personalized tattoo of a unicorn! The mane is a colorful array of a curling rainbow and its cheeks are much chubbier than the norm. It serves as a great example of how much you can change the personality of your tattoo.

17. The Designs Within
27-unicorn-tattoosSimilar to the geometric unicorn further above, this unicorn is also nontraditional and was created using intriguing shapes and shading – perfect for anyone that loves the myth but not the glitz or glamour.

18. Bucking Mystic Bronco
28-unicorn-tattoosIf you look closely, you can see that this unicorn is bucking and its hind legs are wrapped in its tail, making it seem as if it’s coming out of smoke like a genie’s lamp. The mane has the cosmos inked within it, and it’s been given fur around its hoofs.

19. A Smiling Face
29-unicorn-tattoosA classic unicorn done in black with just enough shading for its mane and facial features. This tat serves as a fun reminder to smile and not take life too seriously.

20. Freedom in the Hills
30-unicorn-tattoosWe’re in love with this black unicorn, quite a nontraditional color for the lovely beast. Instead of making the unicorn colorful, the landscape behind it portrays color – a very well-thought-out introversion of the normal perception.

21. Cute & Colorful Designs
31-unicorn-tattoosAdding a personal touch to your unicorn, such as tribal dots that look like tattoos within the tattoo, can be a great addition to an otherwise cliche portrait of the animal.

22. Love of Moons, Hearts, and Gems
32-unicorn-tattoosEverything a girly girl would truly want. Hearts, gems, pearls, flowers, a moon, big eyes, and of course, a unicorn – all wrapped up in this colorful piece of body art.

23. From Another Dimension
33-unicorn-tattoosWe’re not sure what kind of unicorn creature this is, but it looks amazing! The use of colors with lots of thick black lines is an attention grabber, and the cartoon-like appeal is odd yet interesting paired with the sharp fang seen at the mouth!

24. A Shading of Magic
34-unicorn-tattoosThere are no black lines here. this tattoo was done beautifully using only colored inks, and the shading is perfect – worth mentioning.

25. Where Magic Points
35-unicorn-tattoosThis might not be an entire unicorn, but the horns are quite symbolic as well. We can only guess why this person wanted a horn on their finger – it could be symbolic of a magic wand.

26. Classically Symbolic
1-unicorn-tattoosSpeaking of symbolism, this piece of body art may have something designed within the background. What are all those extra lines for?

27. Water Unicorn
2-unicorn-tattoosDone using vivid blues, this unicorn still has the classic cosmos inked within its skin, but with a slight watery twist. The frame helps define the creature, making it seemingly magical in an elemental manner.

28. Framed Carousel
3-unicorn-tattoosYes, another carousel unicorn! This one is framed and tucked away with a bow, perfect for those of us seeking to keep our childhood memories alive.

29. Unhappy Rainbow
4-unicorn-tattoosWe hope that this unicorn’s expression wasn’t a mistake as it looks completely sad! Not sure why anyone would want such a sad expression permanently on their skin, but to each their own!

30. Little Hidden Treasure
5-unicorn-tattoosThis piece of body art – right behind the ear – is perfect for anyone that wants to subtly hide either their tat or their love of unicorns! Granted, we’re guessing an amateur did this since its a bit off proportionally.

31. Confident in Space
6-unicorn-tattoosThat’s a confident expression if I’ve ever seen one. The wind in the unicorn’s hair makes it look like a hero that’s just saved lives. Another unicorn tat with space and a pretty frame!

32. Miniature Marks
7-unicorn-tattoosUnicorns can even go on your fingers, so long as it doesn’t interfere with your job! We’re guessing this must be some kind of rock star…

33. Almost Twins
8-unicorn-tattoosOn the left is a Narwhal – a REAL creature found in the ocean. Often throughout history, they were hunted for their horns so that they could be sold as “unicorn horns” to naive tribes inland. These tats area great tribute to the narwhal and unicorn’s history with one another.

34. Unicorn’s Darker Cousin
9-unicorn-tattoosThe artist doing this unicorn has quite a dark side. Be sure the artist you choose fits the style you’re looking for!

35. Filled with the Night Sky
10-unicorn-tattoosHere’s a perfect silhouette of a unicorn inked with the cosmos as filler instead of traditional black.

36. Pointing Us Forward
tumblr_n3x9dyg2R41t5gazao1_1280The location of this little miniature unicorn serves as a perfect reminder to always move forward and forget the past.

37. Ancient & Wise Beast
And our final unicorn tattoo takes us to a beautiful yet wise beast, done portraying ancient interpretations of the creature artfully. In history, some have described the beast as having a goat’s beard – seen in the photo above.