Understanding The Mental Health Benefits Of Marijuana


Ever since the legalities surrounding the use of marijuana have been lifted, practically everyone from famed celebs to the guy next door is boasting the endless list of remarkable benefits. However, it could be agreed that not everything on this lengthy list is quite realistic, while other health benefits definitely are. If you are somewhat sceptical about how to use marijuana correctly to reap the mental health benefits of the magical green herby plant, here’s what you should know.

Dispensaries Can Affect Quality

Before you start your journey to a healthier you with natural options, you should carefully consider which cities with weed dispensaries boast the highest quality. Unfortunately, the production process behind CBD and THC products will have an undeniable effect on the quality and therefore, it would not be the best idea to purchase trinkets, edibles, or Sativa and Indica buds from simply anyone. You should ensure the dispensary showcases legal rights to retail marijuana products for medical and recreational use. Once you have established a quality retailer, the following details will help you understand the mental health benefits of marijuana.

Sativa And Indica Are Not The Same

There is a massive difference between the two strains of marijuana and this is crucial when it comes to understanding the plant and using it correctly. Indica is the strain that induces a whole body calm and is mainly used to reduce pain symptoms and help patients better relax, therefore, if you are after a strain that will reduce anxiety and help you sleep better, Indica is the best bet. However, Sativa is well-known for its incredible ability to reduce depression and enhance creative flow. When taking advantage of what Sativa has to offer, you will find that it is more of a mental impact rather than a physical one. Therefore, Sativa cannot be used to induce calm and sleep.

Different Consumption Methods Have Varying Effects

Just as different strains of marijuana will affect you differently, the same can be said for the method of consumption. In the event that you choose to smoke either strain of the plant, the effects will be almost instant and gradually wear off within a couple of hours roughly. For this reason, it is usually best to opt for capsules when treating conditions such as anxiety and stress as a couple of hours of relief is often not suitable. In addition, this, smoking the dried buds of the plant means you will be consuming a higher than the recommended dosage of THC, which is not suitable for treating anxiety in particular as the psychoactive properties in the compound can negatively affect suffers from the common condition.

Consuming trinkets and edibles is another popular method of taking advantage of the benefits of the medicinal plant. This may be mainly because the release of impacts will be gradual when consumed in appropriate dosages. However, this method has often rendered users unable to distinguish a suitable amount. Regardless of how you choose to consume the medicinal plant, it is crucial to establish a safe dosage of the strain as well as the compound you are considering. Even though there are no known recommended dosages for THC and CBD products, it would be best to start your journey by opting for a significantly low dosage and gradually increasing to a dose that seems effective.

Health Benefits Without The High

Not everyone is hoping to get a mental high from using marijuana products, and surprisingly enough, most individuals who insist on the health benefits are those consuming CBD products rather than THC ones. CBD is a compound of the marijuana plant and it does not contain psychoactive, which means you will not feel any sort of mental or physical high when using products such as CBD capsules.

These capsules are usually consumed daily to aid conditions such as stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and even depression. When used in junction with other natural remedies such as ashwagandha root, CBD capsules are even more effective at treating anxiety disorders. Therefore, even though you are entitled to determine your own method of use when it comes to enhancing mental health, you should carefully consider the exact results you are after as the psychoactive properties found in THC rich products has been known for enhancing anxiety in some patients. It would be wise to consult a professional healthcare practitioner to determine the best method of use for you as an individual as there are also no known recommended dosages for marijuana products.