Understanding ingredients that makes Your Hair Curls Glow


Do you yearn to stand out of the crowd? Your curly hair, which is obvious to everyone, is the best place to invest in if you want to be noticed. Let people envy you as your soft silky hair seem to caress the winds. The best gift you can give this part of your body is a glow. Imagine how important you would feel as your hair glows especially in the darkness. Imagine how the strand softly lie on each other as if they were deep asleep.This can awaken your outer and inner beauty, and boost your confidence to levels you have never imagined.

The first impression is very important whether in the interview or the first date. It will forever remain engraved in people’s minds and they will always use it to judge you. Our hair talks volumes about us – whether you are a man or a woman.

This article outlines ingredients that make your curly hair glow and why you need to understand how they work. These ingredients must be applied on an already blow dried hair to avoid drying out and prevent hair breakage. Also, remember to use noninvasive hair edgers to trim your hair to your desired style.

Olive oil

This nature’s gift to beauty penetrates the hair shaft to the very root and maintains the vital moisture. To get good results, you have to massage from every corner of your scalp to the edge of the longest strand with warm olive oil. Let it soak for thirty minutes. You can finally shampoo your hair as usual.  For best results, repeat this after every two weeks.


Though the avocado’s skin have pimples, its contribution to beauty is unmatched. Its humectant activity ensures your hair is always shiny and moist. Avocado oil is one of the best naturally occurring promoter to shiny silky hair.

Green tea

Green tea contains catechins which are known for their ability to prevent premature hair loss. With this ingredient your hair will remain murky and vibrant as if competing for the sun. The thicker the hair the more it glows. A cup of green tea everyday will ensure you have a permanent glow. For quick results, you can soak your entire hair in cooled green tea for ten minutes. You can repeat this after one month for that brilliant glow.

Oil serum

This is a commercial form of Argan oil. Because it is highly emollient, it is reputed for revitalizing hair and making it silkier and shiny. It may be expensive but the results are worth the cost.


Egg yolks

Despite the smell, egg yolk is an excellent source of embryonic proteins which not only promotes hair growth, but also maintains the characteristic sheens of a natural hair. For quick effects, apply a mask of two egg yolks in your scalp and massage for five minutes. Put on a shower cap not more than twenty minutes. If you remain with the cap more time, you may destroy your hair or worse your scalp. With this you can be assured of glowing hair within 24 hours.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil soothes your hair and moisturizes it .It does not destroy the natural oil of the hair but enhances it thereby promoting that natural glow. It is also good for rejuvenating hair that has been destroyed by extreme weather or effects of harsh chemicals. It makes your hair smell sweet and natural. If possible use fresh coconut oil. For permanent effects, use coconut oil in every shampoo session.

Silicon based products

By all means avoid all products with silicon as an active ingredient. Silicon works by coating the hair shaft to produce that instant glow. This chemical is known to irritate the scalp and to cause massive hair loss. Their damaging effect on hair follicles takes a lot of time to ware out.

Sodium Lauryl sulfate

This chemical is a known carcinogen and yet you can find in some of the shampoos in the market. By pass any shampoo with these dangerous chemical as it can also cause your scalp to dry and hardens your hair.

What ever choice of ingredient you choose to bring out that glow, remember your health is paramount and this is why you should choose natural compounds. Love your hair, as it will out-live you!