Ukraine women: how to find the best dating site


By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savour tantalizing pleasure”

Maybe you have been watching videos about how to travel to Ukraine and pick up girls in Ukraine.  Admittedly, going to Ukraine to do day game is a valuable action to take, but if you look at the cost that’s involved (i.e. money, energy and time), you may want to simply create a profile on Ukraine dating sites that can actually introduce Ukrainian women to you no matter where you are.  Indeed, this is 2017 when the Internet is highly advanced, so Ukraine online dating has trumped day game in Ukraine.

Now the question is “How to find the best dating site”.  My best advice is only join subcultures and avoid mainstream culture when it comes to Ukraine online dating.  That’s because if you join a mainstream online dating website, there are too many distractions.  By that I mean you’ll meet too many women that you don’t want because most women on mainstream dating sites are not from Ukraine.  Therefore, you would be well-advised to join the best Ukraine dating site and increase the possibility to meet a high quality Ukrainian woman.  Okay.  It’s time to take a look at how exactly you can find the best Ukraine dating website.

* Without doubt, the world’s most successful international dating agency is This website is right for you if you are looking for Ukrainian ladies as well because there are so many high-value Ukrainian beauties on this website.  Of course, if you are open-minded and would be happy to meet women from other cultures too, this is the perfect international dating site for you.  I know you already like women from Ukraine, but you can’t really say you dislike women from other cultures if you’ve never dated any of them, right?  An analogy: if you have only had vanilla ice cream & strawberry ice cream and you tell me your favorite ice cream in the world is strawberry ice cream, you can’t really say you dislike chocolate ice cream because you’ve never tried chocolate ice cream before, right?  Therefore, you should date more women from various backgrounds, and then you can tell me your conclusion after trying as many different experiences as possible.

* “XYZ dating site is the best Ukraine dating site” is a myth.  In fact, most Ukraine dating sites are similar because they offer the same services and have local marriage agencies in Ukraine.  Hence, the best strategy is to join more than one Ukraine dating websites and maximize your chance.  For instance, you can join, and at the same time, then you will see which site suits you more.  As a matter of fact, you should meet as many Ukrainian women as possible because in order to find quality, quantity really matters.  You can’t really choose one out of one option as that’s usually a bad choice.  Yes, you need to meet a large number of Ukrainian women first, and then you will know which women are qualified and which one is the right girl for you.  Do you know why powerful men always marry the most gorgeous women?  That’s actually because they are able to attract numerous ladies before they make a final decision.  That’s how they find the most beautiful women in the world.  If you are still on your way to becoming powerful, it’s time to join the online dating world and proactively meet more ladies!  By the way, if you are already powerful, you’ll be glad to know that many successful men also use online dating sites in this day and age because powerful men highly value time and efficiency & online dating gives them this convenience and speed.

* What to do and what not to do when you are on a Ukraine dating site.  To make it simple, here are two lists:


  • Proactively contact Ukrainian ladies on these dating sites because as a man, you are supposed to do so.
  • Make sure your profile is great – you can see the performance of your profile after you’ve been using online dating sites for a while.  If the performance is poor, you should consult with a dating expert.  Consider uploading some great photos.
  • Learn more about Ukrainian culture.  You will need to read extensively about Ukrainian culture because you want to understand Ukrainian girls better than the average Joe.  Remember: learning is not about consuming more information; instead, it’s about understanding the information and implementing what you’ve learned.
  • Log in daily and reply to messages.  This will make your profile rank higher in search results, thereby sending more traffic to your profile.


  • Don’t write a long profile.  Your dating profile should be a short and brief description about yourself.  You don’t need a lot of words to prove yourself because you are already a high-value man.
  • Don’t expect Ukrainian ladies to like you simply because you are from a western country.  Because ladies from Ukraine are very sought-after, they are already spoilt by abundance.  The fact that you are a western man doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd, so you should have other merits and advantages apart from being a western man.
  • Don’t send generic messages to all Ukrainian girls.  Make sure every message is personalized rather than generic.  If you send everyone the same thing, you are boring and doing yourself a disservice.
  • Don’t talk to any member who asks for money.  Any “Ukrainian woman” who asks for your money online is a scam artist, so you should stop talking with that person and report them to the site manager as soon as possible.
  • Don’t stop meeting women offline.  Online dating is only a part of it, so you still need to keep meeting more and more women offline.  This will not only improve your social skills, but also give you more opportunities in life.