50 Truly Touching Mother Daughter Tattoo Designs


You may have met couples who chose to give the extraordinary feeling of mutual love, understanding and appreciation for each other a new and more material form. It’s not uncommon for them to do parachutes and bungee jumping, deep diving and what not together. Sometimes doing stuff together is just not enough to express their feelings, so some of them look for other ways. Sharing a common tattoo is one of them.

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Tattoos are everywhere – like it or not, this is what the reality check states. And even if you’re not into this whole thing, you should admit that tattoos make quite some difference and impression. If you have had the chance to talk to a tattooed couple sharing an exclusive tattoo design, you’d already know that they could talk for hours about the special meaning of their relationship – especially when freshly tattooed.

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Well, tattoos for couples is one thing, but did you know that the same idea of preserving and expressing eternal love and unbreakable bonds is also applied in a slightly different context? What, if you could share a tattoo with your Mom or Dad? In fact, parents and their offsprings are more and more keen on expressing their unity by injecting ink into the dermis. Welcome to the 21st century!

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So here it is – our topic for today. We will go through 20 truly touching tattoo designs shared by couples mothers-daughters.

When talking about these kind of tattoos, we all need to understand the simple fact that you’d rarely find masterpiece designs per se. Forget about large size tattoos with vivid and vibrant colors – it’s the meaning for both parent and child which is leading.


There is a common theme in many designs – a mother carrying a child. As touching as it is, this tattoo design is a great metaphor for the unbreakable and sacred bonds between a mother and her daughter.


Again, note the lack of sophisticated artistic approaches – less is definitely more in this case. It could hardly be any different. If you think about it, this kind of relationship is complex, hard to describe and controversial all the way down from the mother’s womb till the time a daughter becomes a woman and a mother herself. One of the ways we overcome the inevitable complexity of life is through simplicity and clarity.


One could also notice a trend of unity and continuation. Again, this is inborn. Our children are our descendants and as such they are the natural continuation of what we are as we are the same for our own parents. Furthermore, we share quite some genes – we are carried, born and raised by our mothers – so no wonder people often perceive a mother and her children as one whole. Don’t you think that this is a great idea worthy sharing with the rest of the world?


Following this same line of thoughts, you could also get back to the roots. The Eastern philosophy is a valuable source for understanding the complex nature of anundivided whole, which is still composed by different and slightly peculiar parts. Yin and Yang tattoo designs are not new or unknown but they fit well to the mother-daughter context as well. Yet there could be innovations here – what if you are a mother of two daughters and not only one? Or even more?


Sometimes shapes and images might not fully reveal the holy meaning and intention behind a tattoo design, so no wonder we often see inscribed mother-daughter tattoos. There are people in this world who truly believe in the power of words.

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If you and your mother would be one of them, you should probably consider injecting a sentence or two. This is probably one of the most memorable ways to express commitment and devotion on the most unexpected body parts.


By the way, combining words with symbols, such as “infinity”, could bring much more power and persuasion to the tattoo itself. In addition, dates of importance – birthdays, birth yearsand anything of significance to you as a mother and daughter – could enrich your family tattoos with a 100% personal message.


While talking about infinity and symbols in general, you will quickly figure it out that some of the most touching mother-daughter tattoo designs are using them. We have already mentioned infinity, so let’s take another example. The butterfly – being a symbol of love and spirituality – is another preferred motive as part of mother and daughter tattoos. If you decide to combine one or a couple of butterflies within a tattoo, its meaning would be clear to everyone – an everlasting and unbreakable love.


There is even a more well-known symbol of love and affection and, as you could imagine, our next design will be about… hearts, of course! Being known worldwide as a way to express your love, hearts are naturally a favorite theme for mother-daughter tattoos.


Depending on your appetite about love and hearts, in particular, you could go for designs containing any number of hearts, which could be placed in virtually any way you and your mother would feel happy about it.


The meaning of hearts all alone may not be enough for you to express what you feel for each other, so could it be hearts combined with anything at least that cool and all about love? What about some roses? Flowers in general and red roses in particular are again highly recognizable symbols of beauty and beautiful love. Add few words coming right from the heart (indicating who is who could always be a great idea) and you are done. The result? A charming and tender design clearly expressing the deep feelings shared by mother and her daughter.

Not only are mother and daughter tattoos a great way to preserve your bond forever, but also they are a great way to show that you are a hip and cool mom that is willing to change with the times. After all, over the last decade or so tattoos have just become more socially accepted throughout the world. In fact, it might be a surprise to meet someone today that doesn’t have at least one small tattoo. While there are tons of great designs and artistic masterpieces that you and your daughter can choose from there are a few rules that you need to be aware of beforehand.

First off, any artist with a tattoo machine can create just about any design that you or your daughter wants. Just because you are getting a mother-daughter tattoo it does not mean that you have to choose the same design, phrase, or image. You do not even have to get the tattoo in the same location. Although, sharing a similar tattoo in the same location on the body can truly cement your mother-daughter relationship.


Sometimes a simple tattoo is just not enough. One could easily find and enjoy great showcases of tattoo and piercing combinations. What about mother-daughter tattoos? Well, they are not an exception. You could always consider using some piercing or stones to make your mother-daughter shared bodyart stand out as nothing else could.


Love is just a small part of what it is that a mother and daughter share. While it’s common for these relationships to be based on strong positive feelings, they also tend to be controversial, especially when the sweet little baby girls becomes a teenager, right? Some mother-daughter tattoo designs are quite clear about it, as if telling everyone: “No obstacles could change our deep feelings and break bonds between us!”


Split a symbol and make it whole only when both mother and daughter show off a bit with their tattoos and you’d get to another awesome approach towards an amazing and original mother-daughter tattoo design that will easily appeal to everyone.


You could again make a lot out of symbols. Butterflies, circles (another symbol of infinity) and words are just some of the most widely used motives as part of such designs.


Mandala tattoos could also be amazing candidates for a mother-daughter split design. Basically the choice for a split symbol is limited only by your own collective imagination. As people often say, seek and ye shall find – have you already decided to go that way together, you will, no doubt, manage to make the best choice for you (both).


Don’t forget about elephants! They are another elaborate way to express the depth and complexity of the bonds between a mother and a child. You know for how long elephant Moms wait for their kids to be born and what for great parents they are, don’t you? With tattoos they also symbolize deep empathy, compassion and wisdom.


But what if you’d like to eliminate any doubt the meaning of your family tattoo? Consider adding an elephant mother and her kiddo. This may turn your mother-daughter tattoo into some of the most touching and compassionate designs out there.


Sometimes we get inspiration for injecting some ink into our dermis in times of difficulties and crisis. What could be more torturing and traumatic to both a parent and a child than being separated from each other? Well, such things happen in life, so no wonder mothers and daughters choose to express their hopes and intentions to always keep up together independent of space and time restrictions by having a brand new matching tattoo. Compasses with floral motives are ones of the most beloved design elements for this kind of tattoos.


We could only imagine how difficult it gets for a Mom when she has more than one daughter to get tattooed together with. Now, this is the case when all of us would like express something common, which is again personal, but in a slightly different manner. So, let’s assume that there were three of us – always keeping our backs, so to say. What could be a better symbol to pick than the ancient “trinity” – expressing the unbreakable bonds and unity between three entities of a whole?