Troubles with Having a Girl as Your Best Friend


Having a girl as your best friend is something that almost every guy dreams about. Friendship with a girl can benefit your romantic life greatly, as you will get the best dating advice. In many points she can understand you better than your male friends, as you can share with her things you’ll never share with them. Moreover, she is most likely to get you acquainted with her attractive friends. Still, there’s a list of certain problems that every friendship between a girl and a guy faces.

Everybody thinks you are together

While it is quite okay that your parents think so. Anyway, after hundred attempts to explain them that you’re just friends, you’ll leave them to think what they want. Another thing is your male friends, that keep cracking jokes about you and your friendship. As it takes a lot of time for them to understand that you are really nothing more than friends.

Things get worse when you go to the club together. Sooner or later, you will find that your flirting is going nowhere, because all the girls in the club think that you’re already taken by your friend. And convincing them that you’re just friends will be much harder than convincing your male friends. Because for them “We’re just friends” means “It’s complicated”.


She will carefully screen each of your girlfriends

Having a girl as your best friend will really hamper your finding a girlfriend. She will analyze each and every possible girlfriend, telling you what she thinks about her. She will criticize your girlfriend into pieces, while deciding if she is good enough for you. She’ll consider your girlfriend’s tastes, sense of fashion, sense of humour, her appearance, her attitude, her outlook, etc. While in many points it can help you in making the right choice, sometimes it feels like she is severely interfering your private life.


Your girlfriend and your best girl-friend will hate each otherwise

Even if you succeeded in finding your girlfriend regardless of you best female friend’s judgement, it doesn’t mean that from now everything will be okay. It will be hunky dory, if they get along well, ’cause otherwise, sooner or later, you’ll have to choose whom to say goodbye to. Either your girlfriend will be suspicious about your relationship with your friend, or your female friend will transform into dominating mother figure, for whom all boy’s choices are wrong. She may also start complaining that you’ve neglected her.

And if you want to complain about your girlfriend, better shut your mouth and complain to your male friends. Because, she’ll use it for poisoning you against your girlfriend.


Everything mentioned above concerns those kinds of friendship between a man and a woman, for whom friend is a sexless person. In other cases, you may forget about friendship. Because either you or her, have thought in the back of the mind about you being together. First, you turn into friends with benefits, and then someone has to leave. Because, trying to save your friendship is useless, and one of you doesn’t really want further transition into a romantic relationship.

This article was written with the help of our friends from Russian Bay.