Top Ideas For Your Child’s First Haircut


Importance Of Physical Appearance

The personality of an individual has multiple characteristics and dimensions, as mentioned by Psychologists over the years. One of these Dimensions under the domain of a personality is that of physical appearance. No doubt, the physical appearance of an individual is an indicator of their overall behavior.

Although it is a very superficial parameter to judge the personality, it cannot be denied that most of the people in the world today are making first impressions of others based on their physical appearance on Monday. Some might even call it unfortunate, but as the reality speaks for itself, it is the case.

Hairstyle and The Appearance

The physical appearance that a person has is dependent on the clothes that they are getting to wear. The style and how you get dressed deeply determines your physical appearance, which, in turn, is an indicator of personality as well. Apart from the clothes that we are getting to where the hairstyle that we possess is also a great determinant of our physical appearance.

It must have come across the readers’ experience that many places for prime importance such as those in the interviews, it is always recommended to have a good and decent hairstyle rather than having a funky and trendy one because there are times that the recruiters judge the person on their physical appearance and having a decent hairstyle will give a good impression about the same.

Haircuts For Children

The hair cuts and the hairstyles for the children are very much different from those that adults are getting done these days. The process of hairstyling and haircutting for the children is different also because many of the children are reluctant to get their hair cut. Anyways, it is the parents’ will that they want to get these hair cut or not. Many of the parents also question their doctors as well as to the other stylists that what is the optimal time at which they must take their newborn to a haircut.

The answer to this common query depends from case to case. Physiologically speaking when a child is born then the first hair growth that takes place sees a high amount of shedding often after six months because the physiological levels of the hormones in the body decline which leads to this fall of hair, therefore, the ideal time for it is after one year and can be delayed as per the choice of the parents.

Baby Hairstyles

All parents want their babies to look cute and good looking. They are always searching for cute looking clothes as well as good hairstyle ideas, which they can get done for their children and give them a good looking appearance. Designing clothes as well as hairstyles for the babies has even become a great avenue in the fashion industry today and is being utilized by some of the biggest commercial ventures by the top fashion personnel. The child’s first is good, is something big for the parents? It might sound something of a routine in the life of the child, but for the parents, it means something of value.

The parents should look for a hairstyle that suits the child, which will not make the child uncomfortable and will be decent enough for the child to carry for a longer time. There are many ways and styles in which you can opt for your child so that you make their first haircut fun and memorable for them as well as yourself friends through the parent of the child.

The Child’s First Haircut

Nowadays, most parents are wanting their child’s first haircut being such that it gives them a really good appearance and cute one also. Around the world, some hairstylists have specialized in these records itself and have come up with many modern and trendy designs for the children also. In this article, let us take a look at all these trending haircuts for your child’s first haircut.

  • Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts have gained a lot of popularity (you may check examples in this article) after the crop hairstyle was first introduced, and then a variant was started. It has been adorned by some of the greatest and the most popular artists in the world. The same hairstyle is now being introduced for the baby girls also. You can check out this source for more details.

For this hairstyle, the hair is cut with scissors, although little, from the sides and from the back as well, while a considerable amount of them are left at the upper crown region. These are then straightened to give a wavy appearance as well. It has now gained popularity amongst the youth and is also being given to the children for their first haircuts.

  • The Basic Cut

One of the most commonly followed hairstyles for children as part of their first haircut involves the one in which the hair is trimmed short form the sides but is left to grow from the crown area. The meaning behind this is to retain the original and authentic appearance of the child and it also has the objective to maintain the playfulness of the child without disrupting the appearance because once the child is let to see himself or herself in the mirror with this haircut, they will not feel anything grossly new and weird about themselves.

  • Gentleman Cut

Another popular haircut design for the first haircut of the child is the one in which they are given a gentleman’s look and which is more popularly called as the gentle Haircut. In this also, the child’s hair is trimmed from the sides while the hair at the crown region is left as it is. Apart from this, the child is given a side part, and the hair is combed nicely so that it gives a gentleman’s appearance.

  • Tapered Haircut

Another trendy hairstyle among the youth today is that in which the tapered ends of the hair are left as it is by the hairstylist while around that patch, the hair is trimmed evenly. The same hairstyle is currently being given to the children who are coming in for their first haircuts, and frankly speaking, it looks extremely cute on these little munchkins.

  • Baby Quiff

Another great trend that has gained popularity among the men when it comes to hairstyles is that of having a quiff. So why should the children stay behind? A great idea for your child’s first haircut can be the one in which the child can be left with evenly trimmed hair at the sides and with a wavy quiff at the front.

  • Curly

Many children are blessed with cute, curly hair from the beginning itself. To preserve this look for your child in the first haircut, you can trim the sides of the perimeters of the child’s hair very faintly while preserving the crown area with dense, curly hair.

  • Baby Mohawk

If you want to give your little boy a great haircut, which is funky and trendy at the same time, then you can try the latest induction into the baby’s hair stylebook, which is that of a Mohawk. By trimming the hair from the sides or leaving them untouched, you can go in for a Mohawk from the center, which will give your child a handsome and cute look at the same time.