Top Beauty Trends of 2021


Pinterest’s Beauty Trends 2018

Let those fashion experts believe they define what will be fashionable tomorrow. All of us know the truth: Pinterest is the best place to search for upcoming trends as judging from the increasing number of pins one may say exactly, what is interesting to people. Check samples at, to see that even students in their papers support this point of view. By the way, it is not sole beauty trends that can be predicted with help of Pinterest: you can monitor pinned saves in the travelling sphere, sports, new directions in entertainment and game changers in diets. Thus, for example, it is clear that new 2018 year will pass over the sign of air fryers (unbelievable 1809% sales increase!).

Still, when it comes to beauty, Pinterest is a reputable source as all its forecasts are made on the basis of pins of 48 million army of users of this platform. So whenever you study, work in the office or stay at home with family, do not forget to check through these predictions to astonish your kith and kin with new trendy looks.

Cleansing oil uprush

555% – this is the number of increase for searches connected with cleansing oil and all other types of oil used in cosmetics: skin softener, lips protection, hair hydration. It is definitely the time to visit your nearest beauty store to purchase some trendy products.

It’s all about foundation

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty shade-inclusive foundation raised uproar among beauty bloggers and snappy dressers. The next year promises continuation of this trend, so rest assured that you will find a foundation that will completely suit your fancy as many brands took up the torch from Rihanna and now broad color ranges of their foundations – 378% increase speaks for itself.

Earrings: the bigger, the better

Interest of users for structured statement earrings increased for 947%: we may expect appearance of oversized models in many brands.

Long hair is the must

There are two connected pins for hair: “long hair” and “pixie” – both with 130% growth. So if you want to make changes to your hairstyle to look more up-to-date, consider bob with long locks.

Trendy beauty tool

The problems with skin are still on the front burner. Fashionistas look for new efficient types of derma rollers – jade, ice, quartz etc., and these tools become more and more popular with 345% increase of searches.

Waves and slicks

Look at your slick hair and make it even slicker if you want to be in trend. And if your hair will be wavy, it is even better – 132% up in pins prove that.

Lashes are new brows

Remember all that ballyhoo around bold brows? Lashes are going to repeat that road to fame. It is time to add some length to your lashes due to 152% rise in “lashes” pins.

Geometry is back!

Relax, you are not going to school again. Though your nails will, with 83% up in the “geometric nails” pins.

Lip tints

Liquid lipsticks have run their course, tomorrow will be the day for more natural lip tints – and +414% say so! If you desire to have pouty lips like many girls wanted, you may choose using lip plumpers instead. Opt for the best lip plumpers with active ingredients that creates fullness on the lips.

Makeup kits

If you need to renew your cosmetics do not hesitate to buy all-in-one kits. They are convenient and +147% of searches show that many girls think so too.