Top 5 Tattoo Designs For Internet Gamers!


There are different shapes and sizes for tattoos, with some of the most popular designs being related to gambling themes. The artistry that borders on genius is displayed when sporting a stylish gambler’s dream on the skin, and the mastering of fashion-ability is reflected at the table with an ace tattoo up one’s sleeve. Body art the resonating with high-value gambling chips, incessant winning hands, playing cards on royal flushes will not only intimidate opponents but feel right at home inside a real place or internet casino.

Five-of-a-kind gambling tattoos that reveal all the aces

Skin art has been around since Neolithic eras, and the earliest specimens are from 4,000 BC, with tattoos found preserved on Egyptian mummies. Purposeful skin markings have aesthetic, spiritual and artistic value, and ancient methods and designs have seen recent surges in popularity. The oldest tattoo artist is more 100 years old, a Filipino woman named Whang-ad Oggay, a renowned master of the ethnic Kalinga style.

Some of the design elements that feature in gambling themed body tattoos include;

  • Ace of Spades
  • Cherries
  • Eight Ball
  • Flaming Dice
  • Lady Luck
  • Joker
  • Number Seven
  • Poker Chips

These four gambling themed tattoo designs have an intricate and artistic quality with strong, profound meanings that makes them stand out.

  1. Dead Man’s Hand

This is the tattoo design for the arm and features a skull wearing dark glasses over some winning poker chips and a thick wad of hundred dollar bills. A favourite amongst gamblers, this tattoo has dark overlays to its meaning and perception, displaying the view of a gambling table set-up in the dark glasses reflections on the skull. The tattoos name and underlying meaning comes from the tale of Wild Bill Hickok, who forgot to cover his back while playing at a poker table, and that was the last thing he saw.

  1. Roulette Wheel

A common tattoo amongst gamblers and non-gamblers, the roulette wheel is skin art representing the game’s roller with slot numbers and some high-value poker chips. The contrasting blacks, greens, reds, and brown hues of this full-colour arm length tattoo make bold design statements that make those who see the roulette wheel tattoo want to give the silhouetted wheel a spin. This evocative gambler tattoo design holds deep inspirations of the chance and luck by which the game players rely on.

  1. Maverick

This upper arm gambler tattoo is a highlighted black, and reddish-brown caricature of a pack of winning hand cards in the foreground of a sideways facing roulette wheel, under which a man’s arm is holding a glass of whisky and a cigar. Inside the glass is a pair of dice displaying a lucky seven and beneath this is a few high-value chips at the bottom of the maverick tattoo at the elbow. While a different deck or dice count can be elaborated, the maverick tattoo denotes a no-nonsense winning gambler, just like in the movies.

  1. The Queen of craps

This tattoo is favoured by Gothic and hard metal fans as well as gamblers and shows the Queen of craps’ skull enthralled in taffeta curls. The skull’s intricate design, coupled by its third all-seeing-eye, is made more ominous by the glint of large green emeralds insure her eye sockets and the grin of glee that her teeth make. Above the curved and visibly feminine skull, a pack of cards display a full house hand while beneath there’s an ancient clock face counting down to doom.

  1. Vegas tiger

This tattoo makes a statement and pays tribute to the fierce competitiveness of Las Vegas gambling, with everything from music, liquor and flaming dice are well represented. The fanatical skill and high definition of this gambler themed tattoo strike chords of gambling personified, with risk, courage and fear that is elicited from a Las Vegas foray.  A tiger’s snarling face, a roulette wheel and playing cards finish up the Vegas illusion created by this full arm and half chest gambler tattoo.