Top 5 Floral Arrangements for a Beach Wedding


Who doesn’t dream of a beach wedding? The most memorable day of the life of the couple, with the salty sea air, the mesmerizing beauty of the backdrop, and the tropical feel are the striking features of a typical beach wedding! There is a wide range of flowers for weddings that can go well with beaches.

With a beach wedding, there can be an endless list of creative ideas for each and every detail, ranging from the wedding invitation cards, beach wedding dresses, the flower bouquets, the beach themed food menu, the decorations, photography, etc.

Different Flowers For Weddings:

The various types of flowers for weddings, commonly used for decorating the special day of your life can be listed as follows:

  • Rose:

    Roses are considered to be a symbol of love, beauty, and passion. There are thousands of varieties of roses to choose from indeed! The most common types are:

    • Hybrid Tea Roses
    • Spray Roses
    • Garden Roses
  • Tulips:
    Tulips represent happy times and love. The Tulip flowers for weddings are found in a plethora of hues such as yellow, peach, pink, magenta, purple, etc. The most common varieties are:

    • Dutch Tulips
    • French Tulips
    • Parrot Tulips
  • Calla Lily:
    It is also known as “Arum Lily.” It signifies magnificence and love. The 2 most commonly found varieties are:

    • Large headed variety
    • Miniature version
  • Lily of the valley:
    The Lily of the Valley is popular for its name “ladder to heaven.” It is commonly found during springtime but is a very expensive variety to choose for the wedding.
  • Hydrangeas:
    The Hydrangeas were famous for displaying vanity from ancient times. It can be found in a plethora of colors such as pink, blue, purple, burgundy, green, etc.
  • Peony:
    The brightly colored flowers are considered to be a sign of “bashfulness.” They can be found in two types:

    • Herbaceous Peony
    • Tree Peony
  • Ranunculus:
    Ranunculus is a cost-effective alternative for wedding bouquets, in contrast to roses and peonies. They can be found in colors such as yellow, pink, orange, white, etc.


Advantages Of A Beach Wedding:

Seaside weddings will be more casual and relaxed in contrast to a traditional wedding ceremony in the church. There many ways in which you can experiment with the flower bouquet the bride carries and those carried by the bridesmaid. You can experiment with the décor as there will already be a tropical feel with the open seaside and wind!

You can choose from the bold colors of the flowers to the more subtle ones, depending on your theme. To make the wedding unique and different from the rest, you can try experimenting with the bouquets made in seashells and starfishes. These amazing flowers for weddings can be stored for a lifetime!

You can also experiment with regular wedding flowers embellished with seashells. The bouquet will look very different yet beautiful and rare. People who don’t like seashells, and yet prefer to carry something unique on their special day can go with the “brooch bouquets.”

wedding blogs experts working with assignment help perth ,buy term paper online and assignment writing service australia  says a popular trend amongst brides these days is the brooch bouquet. They are custom made and hence can be designed in the way you want it to be! These masterpieces can be stored for a lifetime.

Orchid Bouquets:

Orchids constitute to be one of the most popular choices in the wedding flower arrangements. Orchids can be found in a variety of colors and types. They look exotic and enhance the beauty of the centerpiece or the bouquet they are arranged in!

Many florists mix orchids with other tropical flowers to make remarkable bouquets. You can choose from the various bright shades to the more subtle ones, or even go with the mix of both.


Mixing Of Colors For A Seaside Wedding:

To create a bold and stunning look, you can ask the florist to mix bright and eye-popping colors in the floral arrangements. Whether it is a bridal bouquet or a centerpiece, bright colors go well with the beach weddings. Bright pink, orange, yellow, fuchsia, etc. are the most commonly used colors by florists. The colors will look striking with the sandy beach and neutral backdrop of the seaside indeed!


According fashion writing experts working with companies like chemistry homework help , pay for homework and essay writing help For the brides who want a more feminine look, there can be bouquets made in shades of pink with whites and creams. The couples who prefer an elegant style and look for their special day can ask the florist to keep the shades subtle and yet make it look striking. There are many ways in which your florist can experiment with the flowers for weddings.

Beach Wedding Invitation Cards, Photography, And Decorations:

  • For a beach wedding invitation, you can make your invitation cards featuring photographs of rolling waves, sandy beaches, seashells, starfishes, palm trees, a sunset, etc.
  • You can get some lovely pictures with sandy beaches, palm trees, the setting sun, etc.
  • Wedding photography can be done in black and white, or sepia to get some exclusive range of pictures of the couple.
  • A little time and creative mind can revamp the complete look of a beach wedding.
  • You can make a unique centerpiece by filling a glass vase with sand, seashells, and a burning candle.

You can also experiment with a large glass bowl filled with water and flowers for weddings in bright colors.