Top 3 Online Writing Tools People Used Most in 2021


Writers play significant roles in publishing and there are tools that make this hugely successful. They are primarily the origin of anything put down in words and shareable across a range of platforms such as books, social media, and the internet. This is not to mention research paper writing service which equally makes it possible for readers to get their eyes on the best ever written pieces.  But the truth is, you are not going to wake up one day and write something everyone will fall in love with.  A lot goes into the composition of powerful literary pieces in as much as there are those who are naturally gifted with the art of using pen and paper. At the onset, it is always about having creative ideas, but it doesn’t end there unless you want to publish compositions that are riddled with errors.

If you have to write it, ace it!

Well, every writer should focus on how to earn the trust of readers and most importantly, win their attention through thoughtfully crafted stories, news, and features. Over the years, word processing software such as MS Words has played significant towards this end. But as technology becomes more and more manifest in the art, online writing tools have become hugely useful. The digital aspect of writing thus brings an interesting twist and a rather fulfilling experience into the whole affair of literary composition.

Online writing tools

The internet has become the mainstay of writing because there is where readers are. With it, a number of writing tools have also come to the fore through inventions. This post examines top writing tools people utilized most in 2017, including writers department, so read on for details.

  • com

Online writing help is something you should have at least read or heard about if not tried.  It is one of the best things that have happened to a modern writer. The quest for success in a writing enterprise that is increasingly getting flooded by more authors means you need a platform where the best is the benchmark of admission.  This is where comes into the picture.  It is a platform where professional writers get to provide exceptional services to anyone.

  • Grammarly

Writing without editing can be very costly. Grammar, spellings, and structure ought to be outstanding and this is almost impossible to realize by reading through a written piece. Tools like Grammarly are made to aid the human eye when it comes to spotting those misspellings and other errors in a piece of writing.  Grammarly has been hugely popular in the last year and it can be used as a Plugin for MS Office. It highlights and suggests ideal fixes.

  • Hemmingway Editor

A mention of editing tools would be incomplete without Hemmingway featuring somewhere.  This is one of the most used writing App last year and even now. Basically, it helps you identify complexity in sentences, grammar issues and others like misspellings by highlighting them in red.

In conclusion, if you never used any of these writer tools in 2017, you shouldn’t be left out in 2018. The catch here is that they improve your literary composition prowess whichever way you look at it.