Top 3 Must-Know Things about Eye Bag Removal


As one age, eye bags tend to become more prominent. However, it often adds more years to one’s face, making one feel older than they are. Eye bags can occur due to lifestyle choices as well as family genetic history. Have you tried various eye bag treatment such as eye massage, alternating your sleeping position, and staying hydrated to no avail? It’s time to seek a long-term solution and go for an eye bag removal consultation today! Get rid of the tiresome and dull-looking appearance that makes you seem older than you are. Here’s what you need to know about eye-bag removal.

What eye-bag removal is! 

If you’ve tried non-invasive surgery procedures to eliminate eye bags, it’s about time to try the surgical technique. It’s a precise process that involves the removal of excess fatty tissues and skin beneath the eyes. The procedure ensures a youthful appearance on one’s eyes and takes any sulky and aging sign. The surgical procedure gets done carefully to smoothen out any wrinkles around the eye region, commonly known as the crow’s feet. If you have any puffy eyes or loose skin around the eyelids, you need to seek consultation on the best way forward.

The ideal persons for eye bag removal

Do you have a tired and sleepy looking appearance? Or do you have under-eye bags that are entirely present all through day and night? If you are at least eighteen years and above, it’s quite physically and psychologically healthy to seek eye bag removal services. You also need to consult with your doctor to rule out any pre-existing health conditions such as hypothyroidism, glaucoma, or high blood pressure.

The various types of eye bag removal 

Are you wondering if you have various eye bag removal surgery options that you could choose to undergo? Yes, you do! You can consult with a specialist and treat yourself at Cambridge therapeutics in Singapore on the various techniques and the different kinds of surgeries. You also get to know the other surgical procedure’s cost and choose one that’s ideal for you. Here are four techniques that you can consider either one of them.

Pinch blepharoplasty 

In this surgery, fat gets extracted inside of the eyelid. After which a pinch of the skin gets removed from the region. It neither involves deep tissue invasion nor muscle extraction.

Traditional blepharoplasty 

A tiny incision gets made underneath the eyelashes. Some fat gets removed so that the region doesn’t seem hollow.


Here’s one of the most straightforward techniques to eliminate eye bags. The surgery often involves tightening the lower eyelid while elevating its position. The stitches used to attach the lower eyelid muscles to a higher place in the bony area.

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty 

It’s a surgical procedure where the surgeon uses electrocautery equipment to make a slight cut inside the lower eyelid. It’s a technique that hardly leaves any visible scarring.

If your eye bags are a sore, you don’t have to put up with them any further. It’s time to gather your courage and go for an eye bag removal consultation today! You can treat yourself at Cambridge therapeutics in Singapore and enjoy stellar services that will enable you to add more life to your eyes.