To The Girl Who’s Been Waiting For Her Man To Propose To Her


“Roses are red, violets are blue,

It’s been lovely, honey,

And I’ve been waiting for a proposal from you!”

Hey girl! So you’ve been waiting for your man to propose. It truly is an agonizing experience, but nevertheless, an exciting time for you! There is definitely no reason to freak out as almost every girl who has ever been in a relationship for a considerable amount of time has been in your shoes! Sit back and relax as you discover that the thoughts that keep running through your head are absolutely normal after all!

Here are the 3 most common thoughts girls who are waiting for their men to propose are thinking about:

1. “Is he ever going to propose?”

Here comes the million dollar question. The one that keeps crossing your mind. No matter how sure you are, doubts can start to creep in especially if you have been waiting longer than you expected. It is completely normal to feel this way, but there is absolutely no reason to panic!

Regardless of your relationship situation, the chances are, you will not be waiting for him to propose to you if you think the relationship is not headed in that direction. Instead of worrying and stressing about whether or not he will, focus on giving him reasons why he should.

2. “Oh my god! I hope he chooses the right ring!”

This one is understandably worrying and is absolutely crucial at the same time! You are probably hoping that he’s been looking at engagement rings far and wide since whatever he chooses, you’re going to have to wear it all the time!

Finding the perfect ring design is of course not as easy as most girls think. Guys are not typically well-educated and skilled in doing some jewelry hunt. Girls know what they want, but guys have no idea when it comes to these things. This is where your besties can definitely come to the rescue. If your guy needs help, they could be the ones that he can ask, so make sure your girls have a hint of what you like!

Princess cut, emerald cut, or oval cut – it doesn’t really matter that much as long as you are marrying the right guy! Stressing over whether or not he picks the right one is cute, but don’t let it get into you because at the end of the day, your guy will probably do his best to find the best one he thinks you would love and that thought alone is the sweetest thing!

3. “Ugh, I just can’t wait to start planning for the wedding!”

When waiting for your man to propose, it is tempting to skip ahead and start planning for the wedding. In your head, things are moving so fast and the excitement can sometimes be overwhelming. You’ve been planning for your wedding almost all your life and you just can’t wait to make it all a reality.

Everyone gets it, you will be the bride and it will be your most special day. And it’s going to happen – soon! Right now, the best thing you can do is not to be that kind of girl that takes matters into her own hands. The proposal is, of course, for your guy to make.

When the agony kicks in, try to do some deep breaths to let the stress out. After all, when your guy proposes and you get engaged, it will be the start of a very busy time for both of you as you prepare for the wedding. Try to enjoy this time – just you and him – with no rush or any expectations. This should calm you down and make you appreciate just how lucky you are to have such a great relationship with such a great guy!

These thoughts can’t be stopped from crossing your mind every now and then and there is nothing wrong with that! You can obsess about it for a bit, after all, that’s what women naturally do. But having read the tips above, you know what to do to replace the worries with calmness, appreciation, and gratefulness. So, try to keep those feelings a little while longer until he finally pops the question bending on one knee!