Tips on Writing an Essay about Someone You Love


It is not a common practice to write essays about someone you love as a part of a college or university curriculum, but it happens. More often such types of essays are written for personal and psychological blogs and sometimes magazines. Whatever your purpose is, the following tips will come in handy. Of course, not all of them will be applicable to your particular situation, so be attentive and choose those which seem logical. Some of them will sound obvious, but we don’t see the harm in repeating some basics.

Don’t be Afraid to Sound Lame

If you think deeply, all the love stories are a little pathetic or lame, at least at some point. Some people are afraid to look too emotional, but it is what makes essays about someone you like vivid and worth reading. Of course, you should limit the level of the expressed affection, because the story should prevail over emotions.

Keep a Balance between Positive and Negative Characteristics

You are not perfect, the same as a person you love. He or she also loses keys, forgets about our mom’s birthday and is less or more romantic than you want. It is normal, and it is normal to write about it. We love not only good things about our partners. When writing a custom essay about someone you love, you should pay attention to her or his “dark” sides, otherwise, your story will be too shallow. However, be careful and don’t write about things, acts, characteristics, events or stories about which your partner is reluctant to talk. Sometimes, people want to make an essay more “juicy” or “spicy” and it only harms both their essays and their relationships. Be respectful.

Follow a Common Essay Structure

You are writing an essay or a blog post, and writing it has some rules. Doesn’t matter if you are writing about sea whales or your beloved one you should follow those rules. Start with the introduction — you can add a teaser, some very short story or a quote, which will motivate your audience to keep reading. The main thoughts should be included in the body part. Make sure that every abstract logically follows the previous one — don’t “jump” among the topics and stories, it will only confuse a reader. Your essay should have a concise conclusion. Summarize what you have said before and maybe give some advice.

Jokes? Fine. But Not Too Much

Jokes in such essays make the letter more vivid and interesting to read. However, you should be very careful and don’t make your essay a script for a comedy. Jokes are spices and they should be used very carefully. Don’t use common anecdotes and very old jokes, they are really boring. Such stories go well with a self-irony, but not with sarcasm. When writing about someone you love, try to be kind, but objective, self-ironic when needed, but without indulging to sarcasm. The balance is very important. Read your story aloud several times to make sure it doesn’t have too long sentences and unnecessarily complex words.

Writing about someone you love might be not an easy task if you are a shy person. In this case, following the given tips will give you not only practical guidance but also some structure and moral support. Don’t judge yourself too harshly — people like to read sincere stories, even if their structure is not up to the highest standards. However, be very accurate with grammar, spelling, and punctuation — many good stories were killed by some too obvious and irritating mistakes and omissions. Good luck!