Tips on How to Improve Your Game Experience In Betting Sites


Bookies have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and you should know a thing or two about getting past these traps when you bet if you are to have a fair winning chance. You are probably wondering, can the bookmaker be beaten? Are you eternally doomed as a gambler in your battle against the bookie?

Inherently, gambling is a risk. It does not matter if you are doing it for fun or for the money. But that is not to say the risks that come with gambling should completely take the fun out of the activity; or your winning chances for that matter. You can have the time of your life gambling and watching your favorite sporting events.

Being a success at gambling is only a matter of knowing what you need to do and what you need to avoid. The question you need to ask yourself is – how do you get past various challenges and give your a thrilling playing experience during your next gambling session?

The trick is ensuring that you get great value for your money. A number of factors come into play in order to make this happen. It is not just about finding the best priced odds; you have to find the best markets and even the ideal moments to place your bets. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to take your gambling to the next level and become a winning and happy gambler everyone dreams of becoming.

Tips on How to Improve Your Game Experience in Betting Sites

1. Don’t Always Expect the Favorite to Win

Many bettors use the odds the bookies give them as a guide on what side is going to win the sporting competition. While the favorites do win many of the times, that is not always the case. Favorites have lost matches even when the odds were 1/10 or more in their favor. For instance, Rafael Nadal lost to Fabio Fognini at the Barcelona Open under such odds.

However, despite the fact that Nadal has won the competition several times, and usually beats his opponents easily, he went on to lose to his competitor in straight sets. Imagine what the punters who had bet everything on Nadal felt when the game ended and they lost their bets.

So never assume that a favorite, in spite of all the evidence in favor of them winning, will carry the day. Surprises happen all the time, and even favorites, get toppled in competitions in the most shocking of ways.

2. Know the Ins and Outs of your Sport

If you have decided that you will bet using a certain sport, make sure you know as much about it as you possibly can. Don’t rely on statistics alone. Sure, head to head figures can give you a pretty good indication of how the upcoming sporting encounter will turn out; but that is not all that counts.

You can consider other things as well. For instance, how have the teams changed since they last met? How have the coaches changed? Have here been injuries by any key players?

You have to use all these details to make better decisions as you bet on sports. That is why it is a huge advantage to bet on sports you are passionate about since researching such details about them in order to make better quality bets will not be an issue. When you have this information, you can make better betting decisions and improve your chances of betting success.

3. Consider Using More than One Bookie

Most bookies would certainly want you to bet exclusively using their services. They value loyalty, because it means good business for them. Some will even offer special rewards to loyal customers who bet a lot using their services.

But that does not mean that loyalty to a particular bookie is to your benefit. You and the bookmaker have different end goals. You want to make bets that give you the best value and the greatest odds of success, while bettors want you to bet only through their platforms. So, don’t get carried away by a betting site loyalty offers. Rather, let the odds and the market depth the bookmakers offer guide your choices in this regard.

A site like can tell you which bookmaker is currently offering the best odds on a sporting outcome you want to bet on. In some markets, using the right bookie is supremely important. For instance, in the goalscorer market, a site like Betfred will double your odds if the predicted goal scorer scores a second time and even triple your odds if they score a third time.

With Ladbrokes, the odds of the goalscorer market will be doubled if the player scores within 25 minutes. Obviously, such betting conditions should guide your bookie choices. And since you will most likely dabble in different betting markets, you might have to use different bookies for each market in order to get better bet values. That is perfectly fine, and it is to your advantage as a sports bettor. So, look around and find out what the bookies offer the best odds for the sporting outcome you want to bet on.

4. Use less Choices on Accumulators

As obvious as this is, most people get carried away and forget to limit the number of events they combine into a single bet. Obviously, the less the number of events in your betting slip. The higher your chances of winning.

So, if you want to make a return on your betting efforts, make fewer selections. You can even bet on a single outcome at a time. Making accumulators with over 20 teams will mostly end in disaster, and you will most likely end up blowing your account several times before you ever get a winning chance; if it ever comes along.

Bookies love such accumulators, since that is easy money for them. As a player, obviously, you should avoid being part of this group of gamblers that are making bookies easy money. Stick to single bets if possible, the bookies don’t fare as well with these kinds of bets, and that is good news for you as a bettor. If you must do accumulators, stick to the trebles. But make sure you do enough research on each outcome that goes into your betting slip.

5. Give the Underdogs a Chance

During the start of a major sporting competition, you might find that many heavyweights are going against obscure underdogs. It can be quite tempting to put all these teams together in a single accumulator and make easy money.

However, the odds would be terrible, and when you have about a dozen teams in the same accumulator, odds are that one of them will fail to deliver and cost you the entire bet. It might be better do a little research on the underdogs and see where undervaluing might exist so that you get better winning odds.

After all, crowd favorites often get terrible odds that might not make you a decent return on your bets.

6. Try Unfamiliar Markets

If you have already narrowed down on a particular sport, you will know enough about it to make confident bets in the markets most people don’t bother with. For some sporting events, you will have hundreds of betting outcomes you can bet on with a single game.

If you don’t know the sport properly, this just amounts to more ways the bookie can make money off you. But if you understand the ins and the outs of the sport, these will only be ways for you to make money, probably more easily than would be the case when betting on more familiar markets. For instance, even if you feel that a certain team is stronger than its opponent, you might not feel very confident that why will win the match.

However, you might be more than willing to bet that they will at least score a goal during the match, which is an outcome you can choose to bet on instead. Understanding more markets will give you more betting options and help you improve your odds of success as a bettor.

7. Understand Each Market Properly

While venturing into new betting markets can certainly improve your winning odds, you should never stake any money on the markets you have not fully understood.

For instance, don’t bet on handicaps if you have no idea what that means. Even if you understand the team and the sport very well, you can make a mistake that could cost you your profitability as a gambler.

Similarly, understand that each bet has its terms and conditions. For instance, the Asian over and under market is quite different from the regular over and under market. Make sure you know such differences before you place your bets to avoid making any expensive mistakes.

For instance, you might place a bet on over 3, and then realize that you gain absolutely no profit when the match ends in exactly 3 points. So, know exactly what each betting market is all about before you place your bet to avoid such disappointments.

8. Don’t Get Emotional

There is nothing wrong with rooting for your favorite team. But when you are putting your money on the line, you have to be realistic and take such sentiments out of the equation.

Many bettors lose a lot of money backing their favorite teams even when all the signs are there that they might not have as good a winning chance as the fanatics believe they do. Obviously, it can be a little challenging to place your money in favor of a team other than your favorite.

But you don’t have to – you can decide never to bet on your favorite team, since you will obviously support it and want the best for it in every match, it takes part in. Alternatively, you can explore more markets so that you make bets that are more likely to make you a return. Bookies get lots of money from fans putting a lot of money in support of their favorite teams, even when, objectively, they don’t stand much of a winning chance.

9. Work on Your Timing

There is a good time to place your bets, since odds change all the time. So, you should propose to get the best winning chances by timing your bets properly. With some bookies, you might get special offers at certain times for particular events. For instance, you might get a money back offer or a free bet if you place a certain bet.

You could also get a bonus on accumulators, which is obviously an attempt by sports betting sites to make you bet more. Such offers are available for popular events. Therefore, if you are betting on very popular teams or sporting events, be sure to check out for any such offers, or at least wait until they are available if there is nothing keeping you from making a bet at a later time. SBOBET has nice promotional offers for its customers, and these can make a lot of difference to your winning chances.

10. Give Less Popular Sports a Chance

Bookies want nothing to stand in your way as a sports gambler. That is why they are always coming up with new sports for you to bet on. At the moment, you can even bet on video games and other sporting events. Many people don’t know about these markets obviously, and in some cases, the bookies themselves don’t have as much information about them either.

For the smart gambler, this presents a great opportunity to make cash off new sporting markets. For instance, up and coming sports like MMA are now more popular, and a little research might give you a chance to make a lot of money off the sport.

That is how a heavy favorite, Ronda Rousey, lost to Holly Holm, whose fighting style had made her virtually indestructible by the winning move that Rousey had used to win most of her celebrated bout.

Those who knew a thing or two about MMA could have seen that the 9/1 odds given to Holms offered an excellent opportunity for a value bet. It might not have been a sure possibility, but the chance that the fight could have turned out the way it did was apparent from early on to those who had this bit of information.


If you are going to dip your toe into the sports betting market, you might as well do it right. It’s true that you cannot beat the bookies all the time, and they cannot win against you all the time either. So, you will have wins and losses along the way. But in the end, having a winning strategy is what you truly need to become a better sports gambler. But whether you are betting as a hobby or a way to make some cash, be sure to not take sports betting too seriously. Try to have fun, and if the betting starts to cost you your peace of mind; then it’s time to take a pause.