Tips on bakery racks selection, maintenance, and how to cool racks in a commercial bakery


Many bakeries and food establishments that have bagels, donuts, cakes, muffins, croissants, pies, brownies, an array of dough desserts, pizzas, and other pastries on the menu have sheet pan racks in their high-traffic kitchens for a quick and simplified baking procedure.

Multi-purpose equipment with casters is a flexible solution for cooling and storing, as well as hassle-free transportation of cooked goods from one place to another. With metal bakery racks, it is possible to obtain the following benefits:

  • longevity of equipment due to high-durable stainless steel;
  • enlargement of space capacity for tight areas;
  • avoiding dust and dirt accumulation due to constant airflow around the stored products;
  • easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • withstanding high temperatures without melting and damaging.

Using racks for cooling cookies, cakes, and pies, or chilling chocolate confections, remember that this bakery equipment is exposed to high temperatures, as you put a hot sheet pan with bakery products straight out of the oven. Thus, before transporting goods for its sale, the minimal time for its cooling varies from 5 to 45 minutes depending on the products you sell.

What to pay attention to when investing in stainless steel bakery racks

Regardless of what will be stored on a commercial bakers rack, stainless steel is the only type of material that won’t corrode and rust. The price is absolutely affordable and allows owners of bakeries and restaurants to make an ideal choice for any budget. When considering a particular rack, search for the following features:

  • resistance to chemicals and detergents: frequent washing of stainless steel racks using various cleaners should not damage their surface;
  • anti-corrosion properties for ensuring long-lasting operation: metal bakery racks can withstand constant contact with water without any risks of oxidation;
  • compliance with sanitary standards: production racks used in the food industry are made of special steel, in which there are no harmful components, as these elements can leach into the food. Thus, no matter what kind of equipment you want to purchase (e.g. working tables or metal shelves) pick food-grade stainless steel;
  • lightweight mobile option: invest only in the racks with wheels that you can easily move around;
  • durability: the manufacturer uses high-quality metal that will not lose its properties for a long time during daily intensive use. When developing versatile shelving for bakery, safety standards are also taken into account.
  • simple and trouble-free assembly: when purchasing equipment from the Internet, make sure that there is everything necessary for its assembly (instructions and hardware).

Remember, having appropriate tools and gear can take a lot of stress out of the food baking procedure and let a baker and the kitchen staff concentrate on what matters, preparing excellent bakery products.

Bakery pan racks cleaning

Racks with pan sheets are prone to heavy contamination with food particles. Thus, to comply with sanitary norms, the bakery racks have to be cleaned, as poorly maintained equipment is a source of harmful bacteria and foodborne illness. Moreover, debris that is glued to baked goods can affect its taste and look. To prevent diseases and germs spreading, the kitchen staff must keep up with the cleaning schedule and apply the right appropriate chemicals and disinfects to wash racks, eliminating the risk of distasteful goods and the unsavory smell of stored items. To get rid of stains, use baking soda instead of cleaning powder – it is a cheaper, eco-friendly, and food-safe way to remove sticky grime from the surface.