Tips for Styling Your Hair for Your 007 Casino Royale Themed Work Party


When the James Bond movie Casino Royale was released in 2006 it reignited the elegance and sophistication that used to be associated with casinos. Especially the fancy ones where people could dress up to the nines and show off how wealthy and accomplished they were. The popularity of this movie has since led to a multitude of Casino Royale themed parties being held around the world. From prom parties all the way to work parties. However, nowadays the act of putting on a fancy dress or suit can feel daunting, it seems we are living in a time when comfort is the preference. Figuring out what outfit to wear, which shoes will match best and which hairstyle to do can feel quite overwhelming. We are here to solve one of your problems. A good place to start is to check out some online casinos to get a feel for the vibe. In particular female oriented casino sites like Platinum Play or Ruby Fortune are great to set the tone for your party and will give you great ideas. Below is a list of some classy and elegant hairstyles that match this theme to perfection. Who knows maybe they’ll inspire an outfit or two.

The updo side-swept chignon

This hairstyle is perfect for this theme because it exhumes elegance but keeps things simple. The style itself is easy to replicate. Simply start with thorough blow-dry, once the hair is all dry add some volume enhancing spray. Use you hands or a comb to part your hair into two uneven side. The idea is to create an asymmetrical parting, with one side (your better side) containing more hair than the other. Once done gather all your hair in your hands to create a low ponytail. The longer side should cover your ears and drape over your forehead in a side sweep while the longer side is tucked behind your ears. Tie the ponytail into a knot skewed to the side with more hair and add chignons. This style is especially perfect for people with square faces.

The Updo French Twist

This hairstyle is great for the older woman who wants to achieve a classic look with their hair. The Updo French Twist requires a blow-dry with some teasing. Once the hair is dry and volumizer has been applied to the hair section out your hair into a horizonal half. Creating a top half and a bottom half. Take the spray and start to lightly tease the top part of your hair starting from the front of the forehead to the end of the top-parting. Keep applying the hair spray to set your tease. Once done use a brush to carefully brush your teased hair back creating a front puff. Take all your hair and sweep it to one side and roll it into a twist. Use u-shaped pins to hold the roll.

The Layered Ponytail

This hairstyle is quite effortless and works best for those with long hair or long braids. To start off, apply frizz-ease styling mouse and towel dry the hair. Once the hair is dry create a center part into equals. Here we are going for a symmetrical parting. To get some natural free-flowing waves simply make braids on both side of the hair and applied volumizing spray. Once the hair is completely dry simply remove the braids to reveal loose wavy curls. The looser the braid, the looser the waves created. Collect the hair into a low ponytail and leave the hair to flow in waves to the bottom. At the top release a few of the front waves and let them fall naturally. This creates an easy but sophisticated look. Its also the easiest hairstyle on the list.

The Half-up Greek Twist

One thing that seems to characterize elegance in the hairstyle department is updos however letting your run wild and free can also be quite stylish and chic. This hairstyle is the perfect example of this. It also requires longer hair but can be achieved with short hair as well. Simply divide your front half of the hair into two equal side. This is of course after applying volumizer and hairspray. Once done, take a piece from each side of the hair and braid backwards securing them at the back with bobby pins. This hairstyle is easy and cute.

There you have it! Simple but easy to create hairstyles to suite any Casino Royale inspired theme party you get an invite to!