Tips for Funding Your Way Through College


Everyone who’s been to college and tried to make it on their own, channelling what measly middle-class savings they may have amassed knows the pain of working around the clock and trying to attend classes. Let alone find time for recreational activities.

Of course, some have been more fortunate than others. But if you are of the first type, we are here to walk you through some possible tips for funding your way through college. We have prepared the inspiring story of Jeff Yass, who despite his quirkiness, has managed to make millions from betting on horses!

But don’t think Mr Yass’ way is the best or the only way to do this. Let’s talk about the other more reliable ways of making it through college in 2018!

Staking What You Have on Gambling

Let’s start with one of the most fun, but perhaps more risky way to settle matters. Now comes the story of Jeff Yass who didn’t so much pay his tuition through college, but rather became so good at staking money on horse races that at one point he was taking money from his fellow students and wagering them on the bookies, coming back with solid returns.

Gambling however tends to be rather dangerous, especially if you go for online slots, which we strongly encourage to stay away from. There’s merit in playing poker though! Unlike slots, which is based mostly on random luck, poker is a game of skill, and therefore a more secure option. There’s a bunch of regulated online poker sites for US players, and if you prove yourself an individual of particular poker prowess, then satellite events could certainly be a nice helping hand in footing the tuition bill.

Win an Aid Package and Start Bargaining

The U.S. is not as painfully complicated when it comes to college tuition. Or at least, there are options that will allow you to position yourself better. An application with the U.S. Department of Education for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid can come quite handy!

The institution dishes out around $120 billion for college tuition every year and the chances of getting a piece of this are pretty solid so far as you have the academic merit to back it up. If your household income is sub-$250,000 then you have a fair chance of landing the scholarship.

Remember, though…

Always negotiate for more.

The Scholarship Hunt – Never Say Enough

Hunting scholarships is quite possible. It’s time-consuming, nerve-wrecking and almost always uncertain, but if you put your mind to it, you can easily amass a number of solid of independent funding. There are loads of such offers that allow you to apply for funding even if you have been already funded from a private sponsor or government body.

Don’t believe us? Check out Ben Kaplan, the CEO of PR Hacker, who managed to amass $90,000 from 24 scholarships whilst he was studying in Harvard. Of course, Mr. Kaplan is quite the accomplished scholar, albeit his persistence in sending hundreds of scholarship applications do him credit.