Tips for Conquering Garden Clutter


With summer just around the corner, many of us are spending more and more time outdoors. Being outside and surrounded by nature has been proven to be good for our physical and mental health, helping to keep us happy and calm. If your yard is looking like a tornado ran through it, however, you may not find it so relaxing. Here, we go over some trending ways to stay on top of outdoor clutter and keep your yard looking its best.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary

The best way to eliminate clutter is by downsizing. According to the increasingly popular philosophy of organization guru Marie Kondo, you should get rid of anything in your life that doesn’t bring you joy. If you have yard decor, tools, toys, and other things that you truly feel you don’t need, you can have a yard sale or donate them to charity. Swedish Death Cleaning is another trendy decluttering strategy where you discard any items that you don’t need and embrace a minimalist approach to design and decor.

Set Up a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are another trend that’s gaining traction amongst gardeners and homeowners. It’s easier than ever to build a greenhouse using transportable kits. Creating a greenhouse set up in your yard can help you to keep all of your potted plants in a single space, reducing clutter around flower beds, patios, and balconies while also adding a unique aesthetic to your garden. Greenhouses also offer the added benefit of protecting sensitive plants from temperature, weather, and common pests.

Sweep, Trim, and Mow

One of the most important steps towards keeping a clean yard is regular maintenance. To prevent damage to your patio and foundations, make sure that your gutters are regularly cleaned. If you have a lawn, then neat, trim grass not only looks better, but there are fewer places for missing toys and misplaced yard tools to hide. Not only this, but shorter grass reduces the risk of pests such as ticks and fleas invading your yard.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for lawn maintenance. What works for your neighbor may not be as effective for you. You should mow every one to two weeks depending on how fast the grass in your yard grows, and use a trimmer or a weed whacker to tackle tough-to-reach spots such as in corners and along fences. If you have patios, you should also sweep on a regular basis to avoid leaves, dirt, and grass clippings from accumulating.

Tackling outdoor clutter keeps your yard looking its best and ensures that your friends and family aren’t tripping over loose objects hidden in the grass. You can use trending decluttering methods such as Swedish Death Cleaning and the KonMari philosophy to downsize and set up a greenhouse to consolidate scattered potted plants. Mowing and trimming your lawn is also an important step in keeping your garden looking its best.