Tips for the enamel to dry faster


After painting the nails, it is always annoying to expect them to dry naturally, right?

The amount applied, the temperature of the environment, of the body … All these factors interfere with the drying time of the enamel, did you know? And we do not always have all the time in the world to wait for the product to dry on our nails. That’s why we selected good tricks that help you get the enamel to dry faster!

1 – When applying the enamel, the layers should be very thin – even if three layers are needed. If they are too thick, the product takes a lot longer to dry and may even peel.

2 – The cold jet of hair dryer also accelerates the drying process. Remember to remove the beak and position it 15 cm away from the nails.

3 – As the cold temperature helps the enamel to dry faster, another very useful tip is to dip your nails into a container with ice water after enameling – but first, wait two minutes so it won`t be removed. This will also help avoid the dreaded balls.

4 – If you do not have a bowl close by, place your hands directly under the tap. But be careful with the water pressure, which may end up marking the texture of the enamel.

5 – The drying oil creates a “slippery” layer on the nails that protects against smudges if it crashes somewhere, and prevents dirt from sticking to the enamel while it dries. The spray is another option: But it is important to spray it at a distance of approximately 2 cm from the nails and do not exaggerate the amount to not take the brightness of the color.

6 – Another item that is right there in the kitchen can help you in this mission: the olive oil. After enameling, apply one drop to each nail and wait for it to spread. Then put the nails in contact with cold running water. This combination advances in the drying process!

7 – Do not give up using a top coat as a finisher. In addition to promoting a much faster drying, it guarantees nails full of brightness and lasting color.

8 – Do your hands get hot all the time? The trick, then, is to put an ice pack on the wrist before starting enameling. Cooler hands help with drying and also minimize the appearance of the balls.

9 – If you have money to spare, buying a nail dryer is another option for fast enamel drying.