Throwing A Bridal Shower Party – Top Tips


When a loved one is getting married to the love of their life, it is quite an exciting time. There are so many different moving pieces that go into the preparation in the lead up to the big day and some of those filling pieces maple to you as one of the close individuals in their life. One aspect of the lead up that is often handled by a loved one is the bridal shower. Of course, the same is said for the bachelor party. Throwing a bridal shower party can be overwhelming and it can sometimes be entirely daunting to know where and how to even begin to plan such a momentous occasion celebrating an exciting chapter for somebody that you love. So, what are the top tips for throwing a bridal shower party?

Focus on what they love, not what you love 

This should go without saying, but you are planning a bridal shower party for someone else, not yourself. So, try to put your own preferences aside and focus on what you know the individual themselves will love. After all, it is their bridal party and it is your duty as an individual who has been put in charge of throwing it to give them a day, night, we can come over or any sense of time that is going to celebrate things that they love in the lead-up to marry the person that they love. Above all else, focusing on what they love and creating the bridal shower party arounded will give you direction and a structure.

Have a collective theme 

There is so much to be said about the excitement of being able to plan the bridal shower and the process of choosing the theme for it. From the bridal shower invitations to the decorations that are doing the event, the theme should ideally be present throughout and should bring together the entire atmosphere of the event and the essence of what you wanted to mean for the individual celebrating a bridal shower and for all those who are present to be able to do so with them. This collective theme can be something simple like a colour or something or extravagant like a place that they have always wanted to visit or a memory that they treasure.

Most of all…have fun with it 

It can be quite an overwhelming process, to say the least. It can be all too easy to fall into a pattern of becoming overwhelmed with all of the different aspects of the bridal shower as well as all of the important finishing touches that have their own role to play in how it all ultimately comes together. However, one of the most important top tips to planning the best bridal shower for your friend or family member is to have fun with the process. Believe me when I say that your loved one will definitely feel that fun and that love when they are celebrating with you and the rest of their loved ones.