Three Ways To Simplify Your Cleaning Routine


Is house cleaning constantly at the top of your to-do list? If so, then a solution to faster more effective cleaning is probably on your wish list. Most of us enjoy having a home that is tidy and fresh-smelling, but don’t  enjoy the time and energy seemingly spent cleaning the same rooms over and over.

The good news is there are indeed ways to simplify your cleaning routine. Whether it’s a new appliance, product or strategy, being open to simple changes and have a big impact on the time, energy and money being spent.

The suggestions below may lead you to learn more about natural household cleaners, or may lead you to reviews of the best wet dry vacuums. Either way, we know you’ll be inspired to approach your household chores with a new attitude.

Reduce the number of cleaning products being used

In 2018, household cleaners were a 3.5 billion dollar industry in the U.S (check out more cleaning industry stats). It’s no wonder so many of us have kitchen cupboards and utility closets full of solutions, spray bottles and housekeeping tools. But do we really need a cleaning caddy full of products to keep our floors and countertops shiny and germ free?

Consider simplifying your cleaning routine by reducing the number of products you are using. In many cases, just a few common household ingredients can be used to clean several areas and surfaces throughout your home. And as a result, you’ll be introducing fewer harmful chemicals and potential irritants into your home. Learn how to make your own all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and more.

Invest in multi-tasking appliances 

Just looking at the broom, mop, pail, duster and vacuum in the closet can be enough to send you running to more exciting activities.

Consider reducing the time and energy spent cleaning by using multitasking appliances that perform two or three jobs in one. For instance, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner does the job of a broom and mop with the powerful suction. This means you can tackle both wet and dry clean up on floors, carpets and furniture in one swoop.

Before making any purchase, consider all of your household surfaces and needs. For instance, pet owners will want an appliance that effectively picks up pet hair and dander in one pass. And for large homes with greater floor area to clean, choosing a wet/dry vacuum with a large capacity tank will prevent you from having to empty and refill repeatedly with each cleaning job.

Outsource your cleaning

One of the simplest ways to manage household chores is to have someone else do them altogether! Cleaning services are no longer reserved for the well-to-do. Many busy families and professionals employ an individual or company for cleaning jobs big and small.

Consider hiring a cleaning company to keep up with regular cleaning, to tackle less frequent deep cleaning, or to handle specific tasks like laundry. With this option you’ll spend more money but less time on your cleaning jobs.

Professional cleaning is also a great option when entertaining, along with these must-have tools for throwing an epic party.

With just one, or any combination of the suggestions above, household cleaning can become a simple task that leaves you with more time to enjoy your home and other activities.