Things You Should Give Up If You Want to Improve Your Career


While it has been widely debated what you should NEVER give up if you want to improve your career, there certainly are some things that you SHOULD give up for the same purpose. Simple, approachable strategies will help you adjust your lifestyle and achieve more than you normally could. Keep reading below what habits you should give up on to boost your career opportunities.

Give up the snooze button

We know, it’s something we are all guilty of and most likely we do it on a daily basis. But truth be told, if you want to see a great improvement in career opportunities, you have to ditch that habit completely. On average, each office worker hits that particular button at least one time each morning.

Without this habit, imagine how much more you could achieve on a daily basis. Think of the time spent between your alarms as wasted time, which in fact, it is. Plus, there are some scientific reasons why you should give up this time-wasting habit.

Apparently, spending those extra five minutes in bed can do you more harm than good, according to some specialised opinions. Hitting that snooze button will send your brain signals to enter once again in the deep sleep phase. All this, when you’re actually in for only some extra minutes in bed. This results in sleep inertia, that unpleasant feeling that you get when you sleep more than you should have. This will make you feel like you usually do after a bad night’s sleep. This will make you feel unpleasant and less productive during your day, which will prevent you from accomplishing important tasks or reaching your goals.

Give up your sedentarism

We know; life is tiring and sometimes, we love to travel by car or bus. However, considering the fact that we spend most of out time constricted in an office and we become more and more sedentary as a nation, you should adopt a lifestyle that will give you an extra energy kick. Instead of taking the elevator each morning at work, choose the stairs. Get down of your bus two stops ahead and walk to your office building from there. These are simple things that everybody can do to become a little bit more active and boost their energy levels each morning. A breath of fresh, sharp air will certainly wake up all your senses and offer you the necessary energy to carry on with your daily tasks and more each day.

According to a Business Insider article, staying physically active will boost your work performance. The logic behind is a simple one. Physical effort alleviates the workplace-associated stress. And almost 50% of the adults today experience workload stress. Besides, frequent physical exercises boost brain activity, increasing your ability to find better solutions in the workplace and perform better overall.

Give up feeling comfortable with what you know

This is what makes so many of us remain on the same job for too long, having modest wages and feeling generally miserable with our career choices. Instead of thinking that you already know enough in your field, enrol in online courses, get new skills and always improve yourself. You will thank yourself later in life for not feeling pleased with what you know at a certain point in your life and trying to achieve more. Online learning is such a great way to expand your knowledge base and gain new skills, all from the comfort of your own home. Besides, there are courses on every topic that might interest you.

Give up your mobile phone

In today’s day and time, our mobile devices are virtually an extension of our arms. This might represent a true challenge for many, in this particular case. But we are not speaking about giving up your mobile phone entirely, only during office hours. This will allow you to focus better on your tasks and achieve better results at the job. Refrain from checking your phone every couple of minutes as this will make you progressively more distracted and less likely to achieve your daily goals.

Give up the fear of missing out (FOMO)

Jobs are like relationships and buses. There will always be another one. Don’t jump on opportunities like there won’t be another one in the future. This will most likely mess up your career path and make you look unreliable in the future. Instead, try to carefully evaluate each opportunity that presents itself and never feel bad for turning one down. This will help you navigate through the multitude of opportunities that you might have without the fear or guilt that comes with turning one down.

Give up your unrealistic standards of perfection

You should never give up on delivering a great work, but you should certainly avoid setting unrealistic standards of perfection. Of course, you don’t want to make careless mistakes in the workplace or in life, generally, but you should get over your constant need of being absolutely perfect 24/7. If you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes and experience failure on your own skin, you will never be able to advance in your career and discover new areas that you might explore quite successfully. Redefine failure as part of the learning process instead of scrutinizing it and yourself for doing some mistakes.

Give up on expecting others to praise you

Although we might want constant praise from others, the bad news is, nobody really has the time to shower you with praise. But you can always do this. In business, people rarely take the time to show other appreciation, but you should take the time to recognize your good work and tasks accomplished. This should give you just enough confidence to carry on with your new day and new challenges. Sometimes, it’s worth taking several minutes to acknowledge that you’re indeed great at your job.

Give up on these habits and make sure that you increase your chances of achieving more career-wise. And while you’re at it, take it slow and don’t stress too much.