Things You Should Be Mindful Of When Creating Your Resume


On average, a hiring manager spends about ten seconds reviewing an applicant’s resume. So, if he doesn’t find whatever he/she is looking for in your CV, chances are high it will be tossed in the “No” pile. So, if you want to impress your recruiter you need to know how to showcase your talents and qualifications in the succinct and efficient way. Unfortunately, not all applicants are good at crafting eye-catching, impressive resumes. Therefore, they avail themselves of professional help. Such reliable online services as help people write compelling CVs and resumes wherewith they can land a coveted job position. Still, if you want to try and impress your future employer with your own creation, you may want to know some secrets to writing a truly successful resume that will set you apart from other candidates.

#1 Provide Contact Information

Experts note that very often applicants forget to include their contact information on their resume. And those people who provide it at the bottom of their CV also risk being unnoticed. The first thing your recruiter will pay his/her attention to is not only your personal information such as name, age, and sex, but also your email address, phone number, and Skype. And for some positions, federal government jobs, in particular, you may be required to provide links to your social media profiles.

Experts suggest that you include one email address and phone number on your resume. Thus, you’ll spare your potential employer the bother of choosing among multiple contact choices. As for your home address, we don’t really think that this sort of information should be mentioned on your CV, since the chances of a recruiter paying you a personal visit are next to nothing.

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#2 Include Professional Title

As it’s with your contact information, your professional title should be mentioned at the top of your CV. Thus, a person reviewing your application will see what role you’re seeking. We also recommend that you provide a brief overview of your previous jobs and responsibilities so that your recruiter can form an opinion about you as a specialist.

#3 Use Keywords

Looking through hundreds or even thousands of resumes is quite a dreary and time-consuming process. Therefore, presently, lots of hiring companies rely on applicant tracking systems. Such systems look for keywords included on resumes and pick the best candidate for a particular job or industry. With this in mind, try to be as specific as possible when writing your resume. Make sure to list your level of experience, salary expectations, and qualification so that a tracking system can decide if you’re a good fit for this or that job. If your applying for a particular vacancy take care to use the same terminology as in job description on your resume. Thus, if they’re looking for a “chief marketing officer,” don’t just say that you have previous experience in marketing or finance. Indicate that you have, say ten years’ experience, working as a chief marketing officer.

If your resume meets the general requirements, it will be selected by the tracking system along with other candidates’ resumes deemed suitable. Then your resume will be reviewed by a hiring manager or employer who will contact your by phone or email to schedule an interview.

#4 Spice Up Your Resume

Experience, qualification, skills, and talents are not the only criteria by which an applicant is evaluated. Even a flawlessly written CV may prove to be insipid. Truth is, employers often look for not only for a highly qualified specialist but also a well-liked college easy to get along with. You can make your resume stand out if you mention that you have the biggest collection of antique laces or furniture in your state in your hobby section. Or, you may include your volunteer experience on your resume. Thus, you’ll show your employer that you’re ready to participate in public affairs, take initiative, and get involved in your community.