Things to Do As a Couple Before Getting Married


Taking that huge leap into marriage can be very overwhelming. With the wedding day on the horizon, it’s very easy to get caught up in the frenzy of wedding planning and forget to share some good quality time with your partner. Regardless of whether your wedding is a week or a year away, it is essential to share some time alone with your sweetie, build precious memories and enjoy each other as well as effectively plan for your wedding.

If you’re on the brink of saying “I do”, here are some things you could do together before you tie the knot.

1. Travel Out of the Blues

Take an impromptu trip with your partner. This will enable you to understand each other and gauge your ability to cope with stress. A simple getaway will help you unwind and decompress the myriads of pending issues concerning the wedding. It is also a fantastic respite from the overwhelming apprehension of married life. Enjoy each other’s company before everything is made official.

2. Talk about Money

Money talks but this time, you yourselves have to talk about it. It may seem odd discussing your future investment plans and mortgages, but a well organized financial plan is crucial for a successful marriage. Keep in mind that as a married couple you operate as one unit, and your financial obligations must be in line with your goals. Fiscal responsibility and shared thoughts on future investments should be discussed exhaustively before the wedding date.

3. Do Some Impulsive Shopping

It may seem in stark contradiction to the point above, but before embracing the life of full-on responsibility for you and your kids, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of shopping. Some new shoes from Gucci, earrings from RockHer Haute Jewelry, that UHD TV from Samsung, nothing is off limits. Just don’t get carried away and forget you have a whole wedding to pay off sooner or later.

4. Take Engagement Photos

Just got engaged? What better way to enshrine that beautiful memory than by having an engagement photo shoot with your partner. A photo shoot before the actual wedding presents an excellent opportunity to know and understand your photographer. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the camera, know your angles and perfect your good side before the big day. An early photo shoot will also make you comfortable around the camera before the actual wedding.

5. Cohabit

It’s never a bad idea to live with your partner not only for economic purposes but also to work on each other’s compatibility. What better way to learn about your partners than by spending almost the entire day with them. As you understand each other better, you learn to tolerate, cope with, help and grow in each other for the benefit of your marriage. If for whatever reasons you cannot live with each other, consider making time for you on the weekends at least.


If these five don’t tickle your fancy, you could consider taking a class or dance lessons together. Picking up a new hobby, discussing kids’ names or enrolling in a social program. Marriage is a wonderful thing and as such should be approached with a positive attitude and the right mentality. Doing these things will create the right atmosphere to usher you into your marriage.