The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches


Going to the beach is not only great fun: it has some significant health benefits too. Studies have found that the sound of the sea and the feeling of the sand between your toes de-stimulates your brain, helping you to feel calm and content. Spending time on the beach can give you a sense of wellbeing, making you feel happier, and you will be soaking up plenty of Vitamin D that is essential to keep your teeth and bones healthy. It is a wonderful way of relaxing and reducing your stress. When you are planning your next vacation, what better reason is there to visit one of the world’s most beautiful beaches?

Bedarra Island Beaches, Australia

Bedarra Island, which is located seven miles off the coast of North Queensland, is reminiscent of the Seychelles, and is a great place to escape to for a vacation in luxury. This private island is extremely secluded, and because it is only open to paying guests, you won’t find hordes of crowds. It also means that there is an abundance of wildlife that is mostly undisturbed. Bedarra Island offers everything that you could dream of in a beach, including beautiful white sands, crystal blue waters, and some of the best snorkeling in Australia.

There is plenty to do on the beaches of Bedarra Island. If you enjoy watersports, then you can go sea kayaking, have fun on the stand-up paddleboards, and take a trip in a motorized dinghy. You can also snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef, discovering the incredible habitat of coral and tropical fish. There is also the option to swim deeper, and join a Scuba-diving expedition to see more of the deep blue ocean. The area surrounding the Bedarra beaches is tropical rainforest, where you can explore on a self-guided rainforest trail overlooking the beautiful coastline.

Playa del Amor, Mexico

Located on the Marieta Islands, west of Puerto Vallarta, is the Playa del Amor, known as the Hidden Beach. The islands were formed by a series of underwater volcanic eruptions. The Marieta Islands have an interesting history – they are completely uninhabited, but this meant that they were the ideal place for military testing. Since the early 1900s, the Marieta islands were used to test artillery, weapons and bombs, but they are now part of a National Park. It was a deliberate test bomb that created the underground beach, Playa del Amor.

Getting to the Hidden Beach is not easy: the beach isn’t at all visible from the outside. To access it, you will need to go through a long water tunnel that leads from the Pacific Ocean. There is enough room in the tunnel for you to either swim or kayak there in fair weather. The journey to the Hidden Beach is well worth it though – it feels like a treasured and special place, straight out of a story book.

Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach is a wonderful example of how nature will always triumph over man in the end. From the early 1900s right through until 1967, the residents of Fort Bragg persistently threw their household scrap, waste and garbage over the cliffs to the land below. The area, known as “The Dumps”, was owned by the Union Lumber Company, who used to sporadically light fires to reduce the amount of rubbish. In 1967, thanks in part to being more knowledgeable about climate change, the North Coast Water Quality Board closed “The Dumps”, and began to operate a clean up operation. In the decades since, nature has played its part in helping – the waves of the ocean have weathered away the glass into beautiful baubles and trinkets.

Glass Beach has now been incorporated into MacKerricher State Park. It is the shiniest, most colorful beach you will ever see. There are trails along the coast line, tide pools and interesting rocky outcrops. If you sit down on the sand, you may even be able to spot some local seals dancing in the waters. The worn down glass fragments that make up the beach were once considered to be trash, but they are now treasured, and visitors to the beach are discouraged from removing them.

Spending time on the beach and paddling in the ocean can give you an enormous sense of wellbeing. If you are planning the trip of a lifetime, make sure that you put one of the world’s most beautiful beaches on your agenda.