The Use of Online Dating in Long-Distance Relationships: Pros and Cons


One factor that can have a detrimental effect on any relationship is when you become separated. A new job or study path might mean relocating temporarily. Perhaps you bonded with someone on vacation, but have returned to your homes. Another common occurrence is for singles to connect on social media, only to discover they live nowhere near each other. Whatever the situation, an online dating site will provide meaningful ways to keep in touch: through texting, phoning, video chats, or even virtual reality connections. Here we examine the pros and cons of online dating for long-distance romance.


24/7 communication

Once you’ve registered on an online dating service, you’ll gain access to a variety of tools to enable you to connect with other clients. At the basic level, you can employ texts or emails, not to mention phone calls. These features are at your disposal at any time, so provided you pay attention to timezone variations, you could conceivably chat to your significant other whenever it might be convenient. Video chatting software such as Zoom, FaceTime or Skype can all be utilized, allowing for even more flexibility.


Dating outlets are based on finding prospective partners who would be most compatible with you. There are in-built algorithms dedicated to narrowing down your search based on the factors you have in common, whether that’s your ideal date, your preferred physical attributes, or even location. This allows a sense of chemistry to be established quickly. Once this bond has been formed, being separated by distance become less of an issue. The closer you grow, the greater the urge to cope with the inconvenience.

Developing a rapport

It becomes easier to forge a relationship if you maintain a strong degree of communication. Taking the example of partnerships formed during a holiday. These get-togethers have a habit of waning in intensity as the parties go back to their respective lives. But when a video call can be made within a few taps of a keyboard, feelings can be rekindled effortlessly. A couple can remain close, the poignant moments they shared revisited with virtual reunions.

Meaningful connections

Once upon a time, long-distance relationships were reliant on the willingness of those involved to commit to lengthy letter writing or expensive trans-continental phone calls. But the sheer convenience of contacting each other online has elevated this haphazard form of communication into something so much more poignant.


Feeling unnaturally obligated

There is a downside of having such ready access to someone you enjoyed time with during a vacation. Where the aforementioned activity of handwriting love notes gave a special emphasis to ‘a holiday romance,’ now these long-distance relationships have lost some of the mystique. That enigmatic individual you met beneath the Mediterranean or Caribbean stars is now just another username whose details you can access at any time. Being separated by considerable distance can now be a hindrance. If you feel you’d rather move on from this, knowing the other person could drop you an email or text at any time will create tension.

Prolonging the agony

Following on from the previous point, it is often inevitable the adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ will come into play. While you might be able to make contact with a long-distance partner relatively conveniently, it will never be the same as bumping into someone else in your local bar or social club. But what happens when the time comes to move on? Where you might once have simply stopped contact, this person you are keen to let down as tactfully as possible has your contact details.