The Problem with online dating…..


In the digital age that is the year 2018, if you’re a singleton or have been with a partner for no more than a couple of years, then there’s a good chance that you have probably tried the world of online dating. 

As with pretty much everything else these days, why go through the unnecessary hassle of physically doing something when there is an app on your phone that can do it for you? Modern life is busy, so having a device in your pocket that can line-up – and interact with – potential partners saves you from setting aside time to physically go out and find them.

That however, among a handful of other things, is the problem with online dating.

Here we list the biggest pitfalls that you should be aware of before swiping right for love:

Online dating scams

It’s cruel, but there are people out there who will prey on vulnerable individuals looking for a date and target them for immoral financial gain.

Scammers will typically aim to dupe those who seem most vulnerable (for example, older singles, widows, widowers, maybe single parents) and build a superficial connection with them, before requesting money or personal details.

There are a variety of online dating scams, ranging from ‘click this link to see some more of my photos’ to outright requesting money for an emergency. In short, don’t give anyone any personal information that could be used be for fraud, or leave you open to being hacked, and certainly don’t send any money.

Take time to get to know someone first and when you are sure they are genuine and you would like to meet them in person, a phone number so they can meet you for the date is all you need to provide.

The need to perform background checks

Before you meet though, you should be sure that the person you’re meeting isn’t potentially dangerous and that they are who they say they are – to avoid falling victim to a ‘catfish’ scam.

This is why you should seek the best background check site to perform an online check, and if they have a social media presence they can be easily found.

From there you should recognise them in their profile picture and – depending on their privacy settings – you’ll be able to good feeling from clicking on their profile whether they are the person they’ve been saying they are. Failing Facebook, try checking Twitter and Instagram too.

Using search engines you can also find out need-to-know information about people in your area, as important information about anyone who is potentially dangerous for example is generally public.


Dating isn’t supposed to be this easy

Perhaps the biggest problem with online dating however? It’s too convenient.

As outlined above, having an app on your phone that can do all the leg work for you is great at first, but this allows people to present themselves as they want to be seen.

Your caution and online investigate work can ensure you are meeting a genuine person who’s not a danger, but what of their individual quirks or annoying habits?

Even when you eventually meet, your interaction is going to be based on the things you discussed behind a screen and to a certain degree they are going to up a level of pretence until the mask slips.

This is not that online dating is bad or that it can’t produce romantic success stories, but the bottom line is that dating isn’t supposed to be convenient and while getting to know someone in an active or social setting first may require more investment than simply swiping on a screen, relationships ultimately need investment.

By investing earlier, maybe it’s more likely you’ll receive some dividends.