The Importance of Faith and its Main Role in Society


As the world becomes increasingly secular, it seems that the place of faith in our lives continues to decline in importance.

This can be a problem for non-religious people as much as religious ones, and can be especially harmful to society as a whole. When people lose faith in general, it means they lose some of those important connections that help hold people together and keep the world moving forward to a better place.

Here are the main reasons why faith is still of central importance to modern society.

Positivity Breeds Positive Outcomes

Ever feel like you are on a string of bad luck and nothing seems to go right?

This is the effect of a negative life outlook, where we focus on the bad and ignore the good. This kind of mentality leads to worse things happening as we make poor choices and fail to aim for the good things in life.

Faith helps to breed a sense of hope and positivity in our heart that makes the world around us a better place to be for us and everyone else.

Resilience and Strength

No matter how positive our outlook, bad things will happen in life. However, how we deal with the inevitable bad times will help shape us as people and determine our quality of life once the bad times pass.

A strong faith helps us to weather the storm and stand tall when the going gets tough. This kind of attitude builds an internal sense of resilience and strength that will help us to quickly and effectively deal with life’s inevitable curve-balls.


One of the hardest parts about living without faith is losing the purpose and meaning that comes with believing in something greater than ourselves.

Purpose gives us direction, and direction fills our lives with the sense of satisfaction that only true accomplishment can bring. An aimless life is one where we wander from one sensation to the next, wondering why nothing makes us happy or fills the empty void where faith used to be.

There is a great story about a man who decided to Visit New City Church Orlando on a whim because he felt empty and lonely. There he rediscovered his faith and the meaning that it brought to his life. Just a little bit of purpose has been enough to change his life around for the better, all thanks to the power of faith.

Overcoming Fear

It doesn’t matter who you are, how strong you are or what you have done in the past. There are always going to be things in the world that you fear.

Whether it is making a major change or confronting someone in your life, faith can help you to overcome the sense of fear that keeps you from doing important and necessary things. Living a life of fear is the surest way to stay sad and alone, whereas relying on faith to confront and overcome your fears can open up whole new worlds of positive and enriching experiences.

Faith Still Has an Important Role to Play

Perhaps faith is even more important to society now than it ever was. Without the sense of belonging and the drive to make a better world that faith provides, modern society can be a cold and often ugly place.

It is important for everyone to embrace faith once again, both to improve their own lives and to make society as a whole a better place for everyone to live, love and laugh.